Dental Provider Questionnaire

Dental Departures is the #1 site to find a global dentist. When our customers visit a global dentist they save 70% on their dental care. Dental Departures partners with 4950+ dentists in 36 different countries around the globe.

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Why become a Dental Departures partner?

  1. Dental Departures is #1
    We are the #1 place for patients to find global dentists
  2. NO set-up fees
    No set-up, monthly, annual or premium listing fees
  3. Pay for completed appointments
    Pay Dental Departures a commission
  4. Patients pay you
    Patients pay your clinic and then your clinic pays Dental Departures a commission afterwards
  5. FREE photos of your clinic
    Dental Departures takes high resolution photos of your clinic *only specific countries
  6. 24/7 customer care support
    Customer care for your patients and your clinic
  7. Appointments are FREE
    Customers do not pay to schedule an appointment
  8. Multi-currency pricing
    Your dental clinic pricing will be priced in 8 different currencies
  9. Real reviews from real patients
    Dental Departures makes it easy to gather reviews from your patients and allows your clinic to respond to them
  10. FREE virtual tour of your clinic
    Dental Departures takes virtual tours of every room in your clinic *only specific countries

Thank you for your interest in becoming a dental provider with Dental Departures . We will use the information in this questionnaire in part to determine if we select your dental clinic to partner with and refer patients to. Please answer the following questions as completely and accurately as possible.

You will receive a reply back from Dental Departures within 7 business days. If you have any questions please e-mail: or call

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