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“Do I have any regrets? ABSOLUTELY NONE! Do I recommend this practice? ABSOLUTELY!” Of all the decisions I have ever made, the one made to commit my dental care to SmileMakeOverDental ranks as one of the best. The diligent, professional, sanitised care that I received at the hands of an unbelievably professional and talented group of dentists surpasses anything I have ever received before. The holistic interest taken in me and my dental needs, together with their dedication and skill, exceeded my highest expectations. Their efforts and kindness has made a profound impact on me, not only through the amazing dental transformation to my mouth but also to me as a person. Initially nervous, I was immediately placed at ease by Dr Tey and her team of dental professionals. My principal dentist, Dr Nolan (my "singing dentist") is an absolute champion and I have come to admire and respect him immensely. "Thank you, Dr Nolan" just doesn't seem adequate, somehow. It is not possible for me to recommend this practice too highly and I do so to the highest level possible, without reservation. Significantly, too, I have received quality dental care at a fraction of the cost here in Australia. Do I have any regrets? ABSOLUTELY NONE! Do I recommend this practice? ABSOLUTELY!
Brian from Brisbane, Australia
“ In just 4 days you folks fixed every problem in my mouth and I love the new work. ” I would like to take this moment to say thanks to the entire group for the dental experience that I had during the week of april 1 thru april 7. In just 4 days you folks fixed every problem in my mouth and I love the new work. My only regrets were that I did not find you sooner. If so I might still have my top teeth. This is the third time I have come to Mexico for dental work. My previous two trip were disappointing on several levels. Sani out performed those other dentists on every level.
Larry L from Sheythe
“I have a beautiful smile once again thanks to my referral from Dental Departures! ” I have a beautiful smile once again thanks to my referral from Dental Departures! They are highly skilled professionals who connect the patient to the correct medical provider as per your needs. They offer a very personable service and their level of concern (hand holding if necessary) is not seen in most industries today. All questions and concerns are responded to immediately both through e-mail and telephone contact. It is very reassuring when you can speak with a live person at any time. These folks at Dental Departures are simply amazing! Thank you Jane P. I felt like you were my best friend and your concern for me was very touching and appreciated. I will always refer my friends and family to you and Dental Departures.
Thank you,
Sam M., Phoenix, AZ
Sam from Phoenix, AZ
“We recommend the entire procedure.” We were treated very well at Sani-Dental in Mexico. Very professional, clean , & competent . My wife is terrified of dentists and even she said she wants to go back .
She had some implants done and extraction. The extraction was already done when she said "okay-let's get started!!" The price is right too. Dental Departure were also very competent and professional. We recommend the entire procedure.
Denis & Bev from Canada
“I figured I saved $36,500” I've been getting a lot of e-mails from other farmers without dental plans now that I am back from Mexico where I sat in a dentist’s chair for 10 hours over four days.
I suffered through some major construction work last month. I got 29 crowns, 3 bridges and a wisdom tooth extraction.
I figured the job would have cost me $42,000 at a home town dentist in Glengarry County, the final bill from the Sani Dental Group clinic was $4,740. That included a three-day stay at a hotel. Throw in the $800 round-trip flight from Syracuse to Yuma, Arizona, and I figured I saved $36,500.
The clinic, is a simple walk across the U.S. border in Arizona, south of Yuma. The Mexican town of Los Algodones has 350 dental clinics and "the largest drug store that I’ve ever seen in my life," Another Canadian told me he paid $7,000 for prescription drugs that would have cost him $70,000 in Canada.
Americans park their vehicles on the U.S. side, then walk across the border to fill prescription drugs or go to a dental clinic.
Ian from Canada
“I couldn't be happier” I could not have been happier with the whole experience, which covered 70 % of my teeth. I was amazed at the technology including cat scans/3D imaging, and this enabled total control of all issues. These included sinus, jaw bone augmentation , depth of insert in relation to nerves, insert alignment etc. I ended up getting numerous extra crowns on teeth full of old fillings as the cost was low compared to back home. The clinic provide antibiotics, anti imflammatory tablets, mouthwash and pain killers. There was little discomfort even after several extractions. Chiangmai is a great place to visit with lots to do in between visits to the Dentist.
John from Mountjoy