Dental Departures

Affiliate partner program

Dental Departures is the #1 site to find a global dental. When you visit a global clinic you save 70% on your dental care. Dental Departures represents 6500+ clinics in 39 different countries around the globe.

Get paid to refer patients to Dental Departures!

Why become a Dental Departures Affiliate?

  1. Excellent Selection

    6500+ dental clinics and hospitals in 39 different countries around the globe
  2. High commission

    We pay top dollar for completed appointments
  3. FREE Booking

    Customers book appointments for free
  4. We Pay Commission

    Payment for completed appointments at the end of every month (for total commissions greater than $100 USD)
  5. 24/7 customer care

    Support for customers and affiliates by phone or e-mail
  6. Pre-screened

    Dental Departures pre-screens its clinics for quality dental care
  7. 21 different currencies

    Dental prices are available in 8 different currencies
  8. Emergency

    Dental appointments
  9. Real reviews

    Dental Departures gathers real review from real patients
  10. Virtual tours

    Take a visit through our premier dental clinics