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The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Ajijic

Need new dentures? Save an incredible 85% on the cost of your new dentures in Ajijic with our quality-checked dentists.

Why have dentures in Ajijic?

Apart from the low cost, if you book with Dental Departures you can be assured of receiving excellent quality care. Low cost does not equate to low quality. Our verified dentists have been background checked, as we look at criminal and malpractice records and we check qualifications and experience. We also provide real patient reviews on our site, as well as clinic photos and virtual clinic tours. This way you can be as certain as you can be that your dentist is reliable and that there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a positive experience.

We’re certain our dental clinics will meet with your approval. Many are ultra-modern and equipped with the latest technology to provide you with world-class dentistry. Furthermore, if you are worried that the materials used in your dental care are somehow cheaper than at home then we can reassure you that they are not. The same materials and brands available to your dentist at home are also available here, and, if anything, you are likely to return home with better quality dentures because you will be able to afford higher-quality materials.

What is the cost of dentures in Ajijic compared to the US and Canada?

A complete set of acrylic dentures in Ajijic costs less than $200 whereas in the United States they average around $1,800.

How long do dentures take in Ajijic?

If you are simply replacing your old dentures you will visit your dentist in Ajijic, who will take impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab to make the new dentures. Once they are ready you will return to your dentist to have them fitted. The whole procedure involves a trip to your dentist on the first and last day, and the lab work will take place in between. It may take around 10 days altogether.

If you are having extractions you will need to wait for the gums and surrounding tissue to heal before a permanent denture can be fitted. Your dentist will provide you with a temporary ‘healing denture’ in the meantime, and it will usually be 3 months before you can be fitted for a permanent denture. There is no reason why you cannot have extractions and a healing denture at home and then travel to Ajijic to get your permanent dentures.

What materials are used for dentures?

Your dentist will discuss the options with you as there are advantages and disadvantages attached to each material, as well as a difference in price. Acrylic dentures are the cheapest, and are light, but they do not look as good as, say, porcelain dentures. Porcelain looks very natural, but they are heavy and may be uncomfortable for some people. Zirconia is one of the newer materials used. They mimic the translucency of natural teeth and are extremely hard-wearing, but they are also the most expensive.

How do I book an appointment for dentures in Ajijic?

You can phone our toll-free number, book online or send us an e-mail to book your appointment. If you’d like to discuss getting dentures in Ajijic with us don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be happy to help and put your mind at ease.

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