3 Top-Notch Dental Clinics in Poland for International Patients


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Did you know that Poland is now a viable destination for dental tourism? Dental clinics in Poland offer discounted prices that are dramatically cheaper than in Northern European countries such as the UK and Ireland. If you want First-World quality dental treatments for Third-World prices, here are 3 top-notch Polish dental clinics that international patients can trust.

Fabdent Dental Clinic

Located in the Polish capital city of Warsaw, the Fabdent Dental Clinic is one of the most prestigious clinics you will find. In fact, if you go online to read a dentist review, Poland clinics such as Fabdent are reshaping the European dental tourism scene as we know it. With a young and gifted team of dental experts and specialists, this is one of the most exciting dental clinics in Poland for dental implants and other dental treatments. With a warm and friendly atmosphere and a reputation for dealing with international patients, this is one of the most modern and forward-thinking dental establishments in Eastern Europe. If you are thinking of travelling to Poland for your treatments but need guaranteed reliability, this is the clinic for you.

Dental Art Clinic

Located near the Baltic Sea and the German border, the Dental Art Clinic in Szczecin is not just famous for being a reliable clinic, but also offers some of the cheapest prices for dental implants of any dental clinics in Poland. When it comes to dental implants clinics in Szczecin, this is easily the most impressive treatments center. Located in the PAZIM Complex, which is also home to Radisson SAS hotel and the Baltica Wellness and Spa center, this is a very interesting dental tourism destination.


Dentus II Clinic

If you go online to read a dentist review, Polish clinics such as Dentus II rank highly by former international patients, which is always a good sign. This top-notch Szczecin clinic is a great place for those who are looking to save a small fortune on their dental implant treatments. Modern, friendly, affordable and state-of-the-art, this prestigious clinic was one of the first dental clinics in Poland to start treating and attracting Scandinavian patients, which makes up a large part of their clientele today. If you want to a clinic in Poland that routinely deals with international clientele, Dentus II is the real deal.

Dentist Prices in Poland

As an example, and because dental implants are some of the most expensive treatments in the dental world, it only makes sense to see how much you can save by going to Poland. Here is an example of the prices you can expect to pay for dental implants in Poland in comparison to prices in the West: US $ 1,200 (CAN $1,543; UK £895; Euro €1,000; Aus $1,563; NZ $1,711), compared to the prices in the US $ 3,913 (CAN $5,027; UK £2,928; Euro €3,480; Aus $5,098; NZ $5,238).

Dental clinics in Poland are some of the cheapest in the world, and if you are from the UK or Ireland or Scandinavia, it is time to start taking the Polish dental tourism scene seriously.

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