5 Clinics with Glowing Dental Implants Reviews in Koh Samui


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We are always striving to find the best products and value for money. When we buy cheap things, they never last or satisfy us properly. Finding dental treatments is a time when you really do need to find the best, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose. These 5 clinics have glowing dental implants reviews in Koh Samui, Thailand, for those who are looking for unbeatable deals.

Chaweng Dental Care

If you are looking to find the services of a highly recommended dental clinic in Koh Samui the Chaweng Dental Care clinic is the perfect choice. First established in 2008, the clinic is a top-notch place that specializes in aesthetic treatments such as dental implants.



SMILES @ LAMAI DENTAL CLINIC is run and operated by Dr Nuttapong Athikijrunruang who is a post-graduate at oral surgery who has a real flair for dentistry and is popular with patients. This clinic is situated in the heart of Lamai, which is a very popular tourism destination for holidaymakers from across the world.

Smile Work Dental Clinic (Dr. Jimmy)

Ran and operated by one of the most famous dental surgeons in Koh Samui, Dr. Jimmy, the Smile Work Dental Clinic (Dr Jimmy), is renowned for the way it handles international patients from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Utilizing state of the art dental implant treatments, this clinic has lots of positive dental implants reviews in Koh Samui.

Beauty Smile Dental Clinic - Lamai Beach

The Beauty Smile Dental Clinic – Lamai Branch , is located in a prime holiday location, perfect for a dental tourism. Specializing in implants and other cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, this clinic has prices that are approximately 70% cheaper than in Western world nations. With staff that speak English, international patients are very welcome.

Beauty Smile Dental Clinic Chaweng 2 branch

The Beauty Smile Dental Clinic Chaweng 2 branch is situated in a prime holiday location near to the island’s most prominent Western-style amenities and attractions. This is a clinic that is well respected by former patients and their dental implants reviews in Koh Samui. With massive savings on treatments between 50-70%, this dental clinic is a real find for those seeking quality and affordability.

Dental Implant Thailand Prices

When you need to get the most from your money, dental implant treatments in Koh Samui, Thailand are some of the cheapest in the world, almost 70% cheaper. Here is an example of what you can expect to pay for dental implants in Thailand: US $1,900 (CAN $2,468; UK £1,464; Euro €1,664; Aus $2,505; NZ $2,609), compared to the prices in the US $3,913 (CAN $5,026; UK £2,928; Euro €3,480; Aus $5,098; NZ $5,238).

Use the vast selection of dental implants reviews in Koh Samui to find yourself an amazing bargain. Thailand is one of the most exciting dental tourism locations in the world for international patients who want to merge a top-notch experience with value for money.

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