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In this Dental Departures guide, we run you through the uses of zygomatic implants, costs and how you can save thousands by booking in at one of our verified implants clinics while on a dental vacation in Cancun

What Are Zygomatic Implants?

For many people with diminished jaw bone density, traditional implant-based mouth restorations are simply out of the question—unless they're willing to undergo uncomfortable bone graft or sinus augmentation treatment months' in advance. 

However, there is another way to replace missing teeth—and we're not talking about dentures. 

Zygomatic implants, which were pioneered 30 years ago, are instead anchored to the zygomatic bone (the cheekbone), providing stability when securing a whole arch of replacement teeth into the mouth. These may either be used for same day mouth restorations or conventional treatment, where patients have to wait several months for the implants to properly integrate with the bone. 

While this innovative mouth restoration technique has plenty of well-documented advantages, there is a big catch: the price. In the US, a full mouth restoration using zygomatic implants can cost upwards of $20,000, forcing most people to opt for regular dentures. 

Learn more about the unique placement and size of zygomatic implants here

Visiting Cancun, Mexico for Dental Implants

Thousands of Americans are making the journey over to Mexico for dental treatment, saving between 60% and 75% in the process. This is especially true for implant-supported teeth replacements, as this is one of the most expensive treatments in the US, Canada and Europe.

Although many American clients like to visit places such as Tijuana or Los Algodones because of the convenient distance just over the Californian border, an increasing number are instead flying to coastal destinations, like Cancun, in a bid to combine low-cost care with a vacation in the sun.

As well as world-class clinics catering to international patients, Cancun is loved for its beaches, resort hotels, dining, shopping and nightlife options—ticking all the right boxes for an attractive dental tourism destination. 


Finding a Reputable Dentist for Zygomatic Implant Treatment in Cancun

Dental Departures specializes in helping patients around the world find low-cost dental tourism options. Our extensive clinic listings have all been vetted and background-checked, after which we publish price lists, patient reviews, dentist profiles, maps and photos—giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

For dental implants in Cancun, take a look at 5 of our most highly-rated clinics (by former patients) below:

How Much Can I Save in Cancun?

On average, prices for dental implants in Cancun are almost 70% lower than what dentists in the US and Canada charge. Putting an exact price on zygomatic implant treatment is difficult, as there are numerous factors involved. 

However, as a benchmark, full mouth restoration treatment in the US that costs $30,000 would be approximately $10,000 in Cancun. 

Do note that this is normally a two-stage process, thus patients should take into consideration travel and other expenses, as well. 

How Do I Book?

Take a look through our full list of dental implant clinics in Cancun here; do note that not all of these facilities offer zygomatic treatment. Our Customer Care Team, who can be reached at any time of day or night, can provide you with free quotes for those that do offer the treatment you're looking for. 


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