5 of the Best Dental Clinics for Crowns in Cancun, Mexico


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If you have broken teeth or need a bit of a smile makeover, depending on what treatment(s) you require, the whole process can be rather expensive and stressful in countries like the US and Canada.

For a more affordable alternative, Mexico's most-visited resort city of Cancun is the ideal place to visit for a memorable vacation, and also to undergo normally expensive dental work at prices around 60% to 70% less than back home.

Here are 5 of the best dental clinics for crowns in Cancun, Mexico - all of which have been background-checked and listed on the Dental Departures site. 

#1 Sunset Dental Cancun

Sunset Dental Cancun clinic is ranked at the top of our list for the best dental clinics crowns Cancun has to offer. This modern and stylish practice is the ideal place for Americans and Canadians who are looking to take advantage of a dental tourism vacation. With amazing views overlooking a nearby lagoon, this is a clinic that gets the balance of charm and quality spot on.

Specializing in reconstructive work and smile makeovers, this clinic appeals to western clientele and offers some of the cheapest yet most quality dental treatments in Cancun for a fraction of prices back home.

#2 Cancun Dental Specialists

When you are seeking a dental experience that merges unbeatable prices, unparalleled expertise and a friendly and welcoming environment, Cancun Dental Specialists is simply one of the best options in this resort city. Their specialists have a combined total of 90 years’ experience in the dental industry, making them one of the most reliable and trusted dental facilities in the Cancun region - and Mexico as a whole.

#3 Ocean Dental Clinic

Ocean Dental Clinic is a top choice that has received hundreds of superb reviews from our past clients (which you can read on our site). Now open for over 12 years, this clinic is certified by the American Dental Association and appeals to a wide range of Americans who are looking to find a quality yet cheap dental experience in Mexico. With many US-trained dental specialists, this clinic really does reach out to international clients from the four corners of the globe.


#4 Dentics Dental Clinic

Known for their world-class restorative treatments, implants and crowns, the Dentics Dental Clinic is an extremely popular and widely trusted dental clinic in Cancun. They not only offer some of the most reliable dental treatments in the region, but also have onsite, English-speaking staff to deal with international clients from the US, Canada and Europe who visit the clinic in their droves.

#5 Cancun Dental Design

Cancun Dental Design is widely revered as the premier oral care provider in Cancun for implantology, crowns and other restorative work. With decades of experience in the dental industry, when you want a trustworthy and reliable dental clinic in Cancun, this is one of the most popular. Merging world-class specialists and treatments with unbeatable prices, Cancun Dental Design is one of the most trusted choices for those considering a dental vacation

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As you can see, there are some amazing bargains to be found with the 5 best dental clinics for crowns in Cancun.

This must-visit Mexican coastal city is not just a vacation paradise, but also one of the fastest-growing dental tourism locations in the world, proving popular with all manner of patients from across America, Canada and Europe.

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