5 Reasons Bali Should be your Dental Destination


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Bali is a world renowned island of Indonesia. It is a global tourism hub attracting millions of visitors annually from all over the world. The reason, is that its spectacular coastline and mountains are incredibly enchanting: causing it to be named “The Island of the Gods.” However, travelers don't just arrive for the scenery. Dental tourism is a rapidly emerging industry in Bali. Modern clinics are springing up all over the island in a rush to meet demands. Many of them offer world-class dental services at fantastic prices. This allows travelers to combine a holiday with dentistry.

1. Superb Dentists

The top Bali dentists are expertly trained to an internationally recognized standard. They are also fluent in English, meaning a visit is just like seeing a local dentist back home. The only difference is they may be even more friendly than your normal dentist, due to Indonesian warmth and hospitality. Rest assured you will be comfortable and safe in their hands.


2. The Best Clinics

Bali’s best clinics can completely transform your smile. They are set up similar to your dental clinic back home, with the same standard of technology. This allows for accurate and effective scans and x-rays of your mouth. Faults will be identified and corrected with the highest accuracy.

However, remember to select from only the top clinics. They are not all created equal. Two of the best internationally recognized and respected clinics are Sunset Dental Bali and Bali 911 . Don't fly across the world to receive anything less than the best dentistry.

3. Spectacular Savings

Bali dentists charge very competitive rates compared to the Western World. Imagine the shock upon receiving a bill 40-70% less than back home. This is what, on average, a dental tourist from the US, UK, Australia, or New Zealand would save. Theses affordable rates are due to Indonesia's economy and low cost of living. Let's look at some of the prices:




Basic Extraction (USD)



Root Canal Treatment (USD)



Full Denture (USD)






Basic Extraction (GBP)



Root Canal Treatment (GBP)



Full Denture (GBP)






Basic Extraction (AUD)



Root Canal Treatment (AUD)



Full Denture (AUD)




New Zealand


Basic Extraction (NZD)



Root Canal Treatment (NZD)



Full Denture (NZD)




4. Enchanting Beaches

Bali’s phenomenal landscape offers an escape from the stress of the modern world. The best places to relax are the fabulous beaches. It's the most popular activity on the island and it's completely free. Try to pick a beach that suits your style. If you want to hang out and mingle with other tourists then Kuta beaches are your best bet. However, if you want to escape the tourist scene, there are many secluded and untouched beaches to the south and east of the island.

5. Seaside Accommodation

Imagine stepping out on your balcony and experiencing the cool sea breeze, then walking 30 seconds to one of the world's best beaches. This is possible due to Bali’s extensive beachfront accommodation options, ranging from beach huts to 5-star villas. The main area in Bali to stay is Kuta , however, there are options all over Bali’s coastline. Check out some deals online in advance, to get the best value for money.

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