5 reasons for dental tourism in Ho Chi Minh City for your crowns


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Here are five reasons why dental tourism will help you to get your money’s worth with a low crowns price in Ho Chi Minh City!

1. Inexpensive crowns

If you want to fix ugly or misshapen teeth, then crowns are the right ones for you. However, this aesthetic dental procedure can be very expensive if you do not know the right dental clinics to look for. Get your money’s worth and avail the super affordable prices of crowns in Ho Chi Minh City . Check these out:











$ 345.00

$ 382.00

$ 273.00







2. Quality dental services

Dental Departures only lists quality-checked clinics that we have already background-checked. Check out our listings to view dentist qualifications, professional memberships, prices of crowns, before and after photos, Ho Chi Minh city maps and much more.

Here’s some top-quality dental clinics in Ho Chi Minh:

Rose Dental Clinic
Elite Dental Vietnam
Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital

3. longercally endless!clubs, dinersyre more than obliged to give you more!A Vibrant city with serene, peaceful spots

On the banks of the Saigon River, and still referred to as Saigon by its population, the city that was once war-torn is now flourishing. It is a go-to tourist destination with gourmet restaurants, upmarket bars, luxury hotels and, of course, plenty of shopping.

Ho Chi Minh City is full of spots to fill your soul with ease such as the peaceful and popular The Deck, Chill Skybar, the picturesque Luc binh and the spiritual Meui Noi.

4. Delectable cuisine

With the combination of a beautiful places, awe-inspiring French architecture and exotic dishes, you will lack nothing when it comes to delectable cuisine. While the staple food is primarily Asian, you can find international cuisine representing practically everywhere on the planet, and the French influence is also notable with the ubiquitous French baguette (banh mi) served in bakeries as a sandwich and alongside stews.

5. Affordable accommodation

Just like dental care, the hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are very low-cost, yet high in quality accommodation and services! From 5* chain hotels to unique boutique hotels through to cheap and cheerful backpacker accommodation, you will find something to suit your budget and tastes.

You can find plenty of accommodation options with booking.com , where you can make a reservation without having to pay in advance, in many cases.

A smile should not cost you millions, it should be priceless. So, for affordable crowns price in Ho Chi Minh City make sure to visit our recommended clinics. If you’ve any questions, our Customer Care Team are always to happy to assist, or help you book your appointment.

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