5 Top Dental Clinics in Malaysia for Full-Arch Restorations


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If you are looking for top dental clinics in Malaysia for full arch restorations, this article will provide you with all the facts what you are looking for.

Dental tourism has created the opportunity for international patients to get quality and affordable treatments while at the same time enjoying a relaxing recovering period on the savings Malaysia has been a favourite tourist destination for many years.

The All-on-4® treatment concept and all-on-6 are types of dental implant restoration systems.

The basic difference between them is that the former involves four implants while the latter six. There is no clear answer to which implant is a better option – a specialist dentist will be the best person to let you know.

The common thing is that when you undergo an either of these implants, missing teeth will be replaced by metal posts positioned into the jawbone.

How Much Can I Expect to Pay in Malaysia?

Prices for the two treatments are nearly the same as long as the procedure is done on one arch. When two arches are involved the price charged is double.

Below is the average one arch price for the procedure that Dental Departures gathered in Malaysia compared to other countries.






All-on-4® treatment concept


$ 35,500.00

$ 32,000.00


$ 7,258.00

$ 10,033.00

$ 9,266.00









$ 38,706.00

$ 36,000.00


$ 7,972.00

$ 11,020.00

$ 10,177.00







 [Note: These figures are estimates at the time of writing; please check our clinic listings for up-to-date prices.]


Quality of Care in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world. One of the reasons why people travel across the world and get their dental treatment in Malaysia is because the treatments are offered at a much more affordable prices compared to the cost of dental care back home. The best time to visit is March to October where there is less rainfall.

Through Dental Departures we present patients with 5 top dental clinics in Malaysia. When we say top clinics, this refers to the high-standard of oral care services, best price guarantee for dental treatments and possessing state-of-the-art facilities equipped with highly advanced technologies. You are always welcome to visit and contact us for further enquiries.

  1. Imperial Dental Specialist Centre has a team of highly skilled specialists who received training from prestigious institutions.

  2. The facility of Dentalpro Dental Specialist Centre is equipped with the latest technology, like Orthopantomogram, that is utilized to produce optimal results in improving a patient’s oral health condition.

  3. One of the trusted leading dental centers in Malaysia is Procare Bangsar Dental Surgery. They use state-of-the-art technology on a wide range of treatments to deliver the best results possible.

  4. Established in 1987, Tiew & Partners Dental Clinic - Bukit Indah Branch does all its dental treatments guided by their fundamental mission revolving around:

  • Saving a patient’s teeth,

  • Proving patients with safe treatment,

  • Serving the public

  • Making the patient SMILE

  1. Chai Dental - Kuala Lumpur offers a wide range of treatments to bring out the beautiful smiles of their patients.

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