A Guide to Dentistry in Tijuana

2021-04-02 05:45:04 by George William Gibson

As dental care costs in the US skyrocket, many people think that affordable dental treatments are out of reach. But those who are aware of the advantages of dental tourism know better.

Just beyond the US-Mexico border, you can find world-class dental services that are at par with what you'd expect in America... just at a fraction of the cost.

Traveling to Mexico for dental work can save you thousands of dollars on any given procedure, thanks to low Tijuana dentist prices. Not to mention, you also get the opportunity to take time off for an exciting vacation, too!

Mexican Dental Tourism: An Overview

Tijuana dental services are a reflection of the wider Mexican dental tourism industry. Mexico is considered a top dental tourism destination because most of the dentists are trained in the U.S. and even Europe and they run state-of-the-art clinics in all major cities of this country.

The cost savings are also impressive.

Consider the fact that a dental implant that costs more than $3,000 in the U.S. whereas the price for the same treatment in Tijuana would be around $1,800. 

A single dental crown that costs around $1,200 in the U.S. will cost as low as $300 in Tijuana.

So you are saving almost 80% on dental implants in Tijuana, even in reputed clinics like Advanced Smiles Dentistry.


Tijuana Dentistry: Essential Facts

Here is what you need to know about dentistry in Tijuana:

  • Cost is Not an Issue

We have already listed the major cost differences between the U.S. and Mexico. Cost savings are the primary reason why Americans and Europeans patients are willing to come to Tijuana, Mexico. There are several reasons why dental care costs are low here, even for procedures like dental implants in Tijuana.

Competition obviously plays a part, as clinics try to offer the most cost-effective services to attract foreign patients. But do remember that low costs do not imply poor service.

  • You Don’t Need to Learn Spanish

Getting your teeth done in Tijuana doesn’t require you to speak Spanish. Since thousands of English-speaking patients come to the city every year, all reputable clinics such as Advanced Smiles Dentistry have employed bilingual staff for easy communication. Not to mention the staff of Tijuana dental clinics is highly cordial and welcoming towards foreign patients.

  • Security is Not an Issue

Many people fear traveling to Mexico due to security concerns. While these concerns are justified to an extent, much of what you hear about the law and order situation is Mexico is exaggerated. Yes, there are problem areas as you travel further south, but overall, Mexico is safe for tourists.

Thousands of people from the U.S. and Europe visit each year, which in itself bears testimony to the tourist-friendly environment of Tijuana.

  • Proximity

Last but not the least, among all the major dental tourism spots in Asia and Central America, Mexico is the closest for American patients. This automatically lowers travel costs in comparison to, let’s say Thailand. Moreover, you can always drive to Mexico, which is even more cost-effective.

Getting Started with Dental Departures

Take a look at these recommended clinics in Tijuana for your dental trip:

Hopefully, this brief guide helped you get a good understanding of Tijuana dentist prices. You can always book your appointments at a reputable clinic online.

You can arrange an appointment over the phone too, with our Customer Care Team on standby to answer any questions 24 hours a day. Plus, with our toll-free number, you won't incur any charges - whether you book or not. 


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