A Safe Complete Mouth Makeover in Davao, Philippines


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Today, you will find a large number of clinics in Davao offering a safe, complete mouth makeover. Davao, however, is thousands of miles away from Australia and New Zealand. So let’s look at some factors that make the trip absolutely worth your while.

Well, for one, the cost of dental treatments Down Under is quite high. For instance, the average cost of a root canal in Australia and New Zealand is around AUD $1,660 (NZD $1,706). The leading clinics might charge even more. In comparison, the cost of root canal in Davao is just AUD $242 (NZD $264), which means you can save more than 80% on the cost of the treatment. Since most dental treatments are priced low there, you can get an affordable safe, complete mouth makeover in Davao.

The great thing is that despite the low prices, you don’t have to compromise on quality. The best clinics in Davao are on par with the top dental facilities in Australia and New Zealand. Hence, you can save money on a safe, complete mouth makeover in Davao, without any risk to your health and safety. The only catch is you have to select the best clinic down there before you book your ticket. To make things easier for you, here is an overview of the top dental clinics in Davao:

Lim Dental Center

This clinic has been in operation for over two decades, offering a range of dental treatments. The clinic focuses primarily on catering to patients from overseas. The cost of a root canal at the Lim Dental Center is AUD $189 (NZD $206).


Metro Dental Abreeza

This clinic focuses on restoring the appearance of your pearly whites, so that your smile looks better than ever. The cost of root canal at Metro Dental Abreeza Mall is around AUD $250 (NZD $273).

Fabular Dental Clinic

This clinic offers a range of specialist dental treatments as well as cosmetic dentistry. You can opt for multiple treatments, thanks to the low prices. You can get a root canal at Fabular Dental Clinic for AUD $618 (NZD $675).

Branch 2: Falcon DENTAL CLINIC & Laboratory

At this clinic, you receive dental treatments in a world-class facility. The dentists there use equipment that is state of the art to perform different procedures. The cost of a root canal at Branch 2: Falcon DENTAL CLINIC & Laboratory is just AUD $87 (NZD $95).

Branch 3 of Tooth Friendly Dental Clinic

You will receive treatments in a comfortable environment and from some of the most experienced dentists in the Philippines at low prices. The cost of root canal at the Branch 3 of Tooth Friendly Dental Clinic is AUD $86 (NZD $94).

As you can see, the leading dental clinics in Davao offer affordable treatments. Hence, you can easily get affordable safe, complete mouth makeover. Davao is a leading tourist destination and you will have a great time there!

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