Save $1,000 on Your Root Canal in One of Mexico's Border Towns


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If you have a tooth or several teeth that are in dire need of repair, the only option you may have (other than extraction) could be a root canal. 

An infected tooth can be painful; to make matters worse, treatment in the US can cost well over $1,500 depending on how many teeth and pulp chambers are affected

To ease the financial burden, consider Mexico for more affordable root canal therapy. Border towns and cities such as Los Algodones (or "Molar City"), Tijuana and Mexicali offer the chance to save a whopping 80% compared to dentists over the border in the US.

Keep reading to find where you can find safe treatment with a trusted endodontist in Mexico. 

Border Hopping for Bargain Dental Treatments

If you are from the Southern California region, Arizona, Nevada or New Mexico, you have some excellent options for dental tourism, just a short drive over the Mexican border.

  • If you are a Californian seeking the best value for money root canal treatment in Mexico has to offer, our verified Tijuana root canal clinics are a safe bet.
  • Mexicali and Los Algodones are also just over the Californian border (Los Algodones is also only 16km from the Arizona town of Winterhaven).
  • If you are from the New Mexico area, Ciudad Juarez is a Mexican border city that is literally walking distance from El Paso. 

Recommended Root Canal Clinics

For clinics in Mexico that are just a short ride over the border and merge cheap prices with world-class treatments, here are some top recommendations:


Root Canal Prices in Mexico

Not many other dental tourism destinations on the planet can match Mexico's root canal prices. These towns are just a hop over the border (made especially easy with a FastPass), where you can save up to 75% on your next root canal treatment.

  • On average, root canals in Mexico cost just USD $250 (CAN $309; UK £186; Euro €212; Aus $317; NZ $347)
  • This is compared to prices in the US for the same treatment that average at USD $1,250 (CAN $1,545; UK £933; Euro €1,062; Aus $1,586; NZ $1,737).
  • For more complex treatment with a specialist endodontist, these cost savings will be even greater, potentially saving you over $1,000 (and your tooth). 

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