For American and Canadian patients who cannot pay the high prices at home, affordable dentistry in Algodones is providing the solution. This small Mexican town on the US-Mexico border has long been a favorite of snowbirds and retirees from the North looking for some winter sun, but the explosion of dental clinics here has made it a year-round destination for those requiring dental care.

Why have dental care in Algodones ?

There are a number of reasons why Algodones is the number one choice for a lot of dental patients:

Convenience –

Those living in the southern United States can drive to Algodones. Regular vistors think nothing of packing up their kit and heading south, and there are plenty of places to park. It’s only 7 miles south of Yuma, so it is feasible if you live further afield to fly to Yuma and pick up a rental car. You can drive right into Algodones or leave your car on the US side and walk over the border, which is what many seem to do. If you book an appointment with an Algodones dentist through Dental Departures you will find that a lot of our dentists have pick-up and drop-off services from the border, making the trip even more convenient.

Price –

The number one reason that many people choose dentistry in Algodones is because of the prices. It is not the only reason, but it is the first reason people begin to look here for dental care. Even for patients with insurance, if they need a major procedure their premiums are usually nowhere near enough to cover the cost at home. In Algodones prices are between 60 and 85% lower than comparable costs at home, so a white, composite filling may be around $30 as opposed to £155; and a dental implant around $1,000 instead of $3,900.

Quality –

Convenience and price are all very well, but unless the quality is going to be good then they are fairly meaningless. Poor quality can end up costing you more than just money – your dental health is important and the last thing you want is to be left in pain because of bad dental treatment. There are a lot of great dentists in Algodones, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a little research of your own.

Finding a reliable, quality-checked dentists is simplified with Dental Departures. We have already background checked all our verified dentists, so you know when you book an appointment through us that your dentist has reached a measurable quality standard you can trust. For a good choice of affordable, high-quality dentistry in Algodones book with Dental Departures.