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One of the keys to maintaining a great smile is keeping on top of your overall oral health. When it comes to dental crowns, one way to cut costs and lengthy waiting times is to undergo treatment abroad - with places like Turkey offering quality care for a fraction of the price back home. 

Find out more and compare crowns prices in Turkey with Dental Departures.

Why Go To Turkey for Dental Treatment?

Turkey is already a favourite tourist destination for Brits and other Europeans, attracting more than 40 million international visitors every year. Apart from the intriguing culture and enriched history, many holiday-makers flock to the country's Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines to soak up the sun away from the cities.

Turkey has fast become a reputable health and dental tourism destination, offering international standards that are on par with back home at modern, high-tech medical and dental centres. 

Top Clinics in Turkey for Dental Crowns

At Dental Departures, we only work with trusted, fully background-checked clinics, ensuring all of our clients receive dental care that is of the highest standard. Professionalism, expertise and high levels of hygiene are critical when it comes to dental care, and all the clinics that we work with follow local and international guidelines and standards to make sure that all these needs are met.

Teras Dental Clinic is one of the top dental clinics in Izmir and was founded in 2006 by Dr. Senol Alkan, a Turkey-trained dentist. The clinic is particularly welcoming to both local and international patients and offers assistance with travel, accommodation and tourist activities on site. They also offer free panoramic X-rays.

How Much Should I Budget for Dental Crowns in Turkey?

When it comes to cost, Turkey is probably one of the countries where you’ll be able to make great savings on your dental crowns. At a clinic such as Dental Operation Center (in Fethiye), dental crowns cost starts at EUR 140 (GBP 117; USD 150; CAD 202; AUD 199; NZD 213) compared to averages of EUR 932 (GBP 781; USD 1,000; CAD 1,350; AUD 1,326; NZD 1,422) in Europe and the UK.

Another great clinic, Clinique Dent Beaute (located in Istanbul), has starting prices of around EUR 185 (GBP 155; USD 198; CAD 267; AUD 262; NZD 282) for porcelain fused to metal crown (standard alloy).


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