Here's Why Algodones Is Now the World’s Dentistry Capital


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Looking for safe, reliable dental care at a fraction of the price back home? Then look toward the border town of Los Algodones and save between 50%-80% when booking with Dental Departures.

Dubbed “Molar City” thanks to the fact that more than 300 clinics can be found across this one small Arizona border town, you can save thousands of dollars on top-notch, low-cost dental treatment in the world’s dentistry capital.

Moments from the US border, Los Algodones provides a gateway to exploring Mexico, both pre and post-treatment, making it convenient for American and Canadian dental travelers.

Why Choose Los Algodones For Dental Treatment?

Over the last two decades, Mexico’s medical and dental tourism sector has exploded, mostly due to the unaffordable costs of dental care throughout North America. Many cross-border patients are now heading into Mexico to receive same-day treatment to further benefit from high-quality, affordable care.

Boasting more than 900 dentists, patients across the United States and Canada flock to this northern Mexican dental hub, saving considerably on dental treatment, not to mention inexpensive prescription drugs, vision care and other low-cost medical care.

Expect superior quality care in Los Algodones thanks to our fully-trained dentists. Our partner providers belong to prestigious organizations such as the American Dental Association and other leading US accreditation agencies. Benefit from modern clinics featuring state-of-the-art equipment and English-speaking staff, offering a comprehensive range of dental procedures.

Clinics in Los Algodones—Overview

Dental Departures background-checks every facility listed on our site for hygiene, memberships and dental qualifications, ensuring you receive a first-rate experience.

We also perform rigorous on-site visits to ease the decision-making process of finding the right dentist in Los Algodones. Browse before you book: view maps and trusted reviews from patients who have enjoyed excellent dental results.

Notable Molar City clinics include:


What Is the Price of Dental Care in Los Algodones?

If you’re seeking a basic check-up or cleaning you can cut your at-home costs in half. For more extensive work, you can save tens of thousands; for example, check out the All-on-Six price in Los Algodones compared to home:

  • Average price in Los Algodones: approximately $12,000

  • Average price in the US: approximately $27,000

  • Average price in Canada: approximately $31,000 CAD

[Please note that these are estimated prices at the time of writing. See our individual clinic listings for latest prices.]

Why Choose Los Algodones?

Many patients from America and Canada visit Molar City each year due to its accessibility by car, foot and air. A short hop across will see you benefit from an extensive choice of inexpensive, top-quality dental treatments, procedures and a wide choice of dental clinics and specialties.

During the winter, 6,000-plus people visit Los Algodones every day from Alaska, Canada and the US for superior, quality dental care—everything from routine annual checkups and cleanings to implants and full mouth restorations.

Those coming from far afield can land at the nearby airport at Yuma and then continue to Los Algodones from there, which is around 30 minutes away. 

Staying in Los Algodones

Los Algodones offers only one main hotel, the Hacienda. However, just minutes across the border patients can find plenty of lodging options in and around Yuma. Two hotel-casinos are within close proximity of downtown Algodones.

Dental Departures can also help with complimentary or discounted stays at several hotels close to town.

What’s Next?

Search our listings, compare prices and find your ideal dentist in Los Algodones with Dental Departures.

See below for ways to get in touch; alternatively, contact our dedicated Customer Care Team, on hand 24/7 to answer any questions about dentistry in Los Algodones.


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