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Is it any wonder that the ‘Land of Smiles’ is one of the topmost destinations of dental tourism in the world? Thailand has been long known as a retirement spot internationally, but now thousands of dental tourists are also coming in every year, particularly from the US, to take advantage of low-cost dentistry, which is a lot lower than in Western countries.

You may be wondering what dental treatments like dental implants or the All-on-4® treatment concept cost?

Bangkok, and indeed other locations in Thailand, offer extremely competitive prices so read on to find out more.

Why Bangkok Dental Tourism?

In the last couple of years, Thailand has emerged as a low-cost healthcare hub for medical tourists. In fact, the country was ranked above the US in terms of healthcare systems by WHO. Bangkok, in particular, has several clinics that offer low-cost treatments of the best quality you will find anywhere. In fact, you can expect comparable standards to the U.S. and Europe, barring the frills.

Dentists in Bangkok are highly trained, often in western institutions so their qualifications are genuine and up to date.

As far as All-on-4® treatment concept costs in Bangkok are concerned, you can expect cost savings anywhere from 50% to 80%, sometimes with the travel cost included.

This, of course depends on the type of treatment you will get, but this is the range of savings that you can expect in Bangkok clinics.


Numerous World-Class Clinics

For the last 20 years, the Thai government and the private sector have worked to establish international standard dental clinics all over the country, especially in Bangkok.

Bangkok International Dental Centre

Also known as BIDC, is perhaps the most well-known dental facility in the city. With an award-winning team of 70 dentists and specialists, they offer you all kinds of dental procedures in their state-of-the-art facility, which is actually a 30-room complex. The Bangkok International Dental Center is also ISO9001 certified, which is a reply to critics of dental tourism who still believe that Thailand clinics are able to offer low rates because of their offer low service quality. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Bangkok Smile

This is yet another testament to the international standard that has become the trademark of Thailand's dental tourism. This is because Bangkok Smile is part of a worldwide network of clinics in Asia and Australia. The clinic is a 14-story medical complex offering a wide range of dental procedures at highly affordable rates.

An Opportunity to Save Thousands

I hope reading this article has helped you realize that affordable dental care is not a myth anymore and that the best treatment is available at the lowest cost if you are willing to make the flight. The best part is that the whole process of travelling and getting treated is still cheaper than visiting an American clinic, which also means that you can possibly pay the whole thing out of pocket.

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