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Thailand offers the full suite of dental services thanks to a myriad of fully approved clinics and dental centres at prices that are guaranteed to please. Two popular treatments offered by two highly respected establishments will be touched on, and the first should interest. These treatments are of a similar nature and we will start with the all on six. Bangkok dentists have the expertise to offer these procedures, but at a much reduced cost than you’d pay at home.

What is this popular dental work?

This well-known implant work consists of 6 dental implants that are inserted either in the lower or upper jaw. Consultation with your fully qualified dentist and a review of x-ray images will dictate which is correct for you. Teeth from the chosen jaw arch will be attached to these 6 implants, hence the name.

A similar procedure, less implants:

While in Thailand’s bustling, cosmopolitan capital many visitors wanting dental treatment at prices upwards of 58% lower than their home country will opt for the all on 4 procedure which is exactly the same as the all on 6, but with only 4 dental implants.

It is important to understand that your chosen clinic and dental expert will study the structure and health of your teeth, gums and mouth and offer options most suited to each individual.

For further comprehensive information and the extremely low prices offered it is advisable you speak with one of the knowledgeable Dental Departures staff. This will save you valuable time and money.


Two highly recommended establishments:

Dental Departures have made it their business to understand the complex structure and huge array of dental services offered by major dental establishments in Bangkok. All on six and all on four procedures are just the tip of a large dental service portfolio they are fully au-fait with.

A snapshot of just 2 of the highly respected dental establishments they recommend should give you an insight into what is available.

Bangkok International Dental center (BIDC):

With over 70 dentists and specialists housed in a modern, spacious 7-storey building with over 25 treatment rooms BIDC is one of the largest dental clinics in Bangkok.

It is also one of the most respected with numerous awards for their services, standards and customer satisfaction. One in particular that must be acknowledged is the fact they are the first dental clinic in Thailand to receive the Prime Minister’s Export Award Best Service Provider for Hospital/Clinics.

This proud achievement is backed up by ISO9001 certification and compliance to all international sterilisation standards. Couple this with state-of-the art dentistry equipment, the fact they are the first dental establishment to provide their own 30-room boutique hotel and committed, fully qualified staff whose ethos lies in complete customer care, safety and satisfaction and it is easy to understand why they continue to go from strength to strength.

If one-stop dental treatment is your preference then the Bangkok International Dental Cente r comes very highly recommended.

The time is right:

It is completely understandable that people delay complex dentistry work while in their own country, but, as can be seen from the above, all on six Bangkok procedures along with every other kind of dentistry work are all offered by dentists in Thailand’s capital city at costs that may seem difficult to believe. Contact your Dental Departures customer care team now to confirm this reality.

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