Attention Retirees: Save Over a Grand on New Dentures in Los Algodones


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If you’ve never heard of Los Algodones, it’s the northernmost town in Mexico, just over the Arizona-Mexico Border and around seven miles from Yuma.

Affectionately now known as “Molar City”, this once rather unremarkable town has made a name for itself as one of the world's most-visited dental tourism destinations, with more than 300 dentists plying their trade within just a few blocks.

Thousands of dental tourists from the US and further afield visit every day, enticed by the super-low prices, high standards of care and the chance to do a little shopping and stock up on cheap pharmaceuticals.

For retirees living in Southern California, Arizona or those able to get a flight to nearby Yuma, a trip to Los Algodones presents the chance to save over $1,000 on new dentures, as well as a wide range of other dental treatments. 

Why Los Algodones Is Such a Good Option for Dental Tourists

Obviously, prices are a big plus point, but Algodones is the self-styled "World Capital of Dentistry" and fulfills this title incredibly well for a number of reasons...

  • Easy to get to. Many visitors drive to the Border and park their car on the US side, simply walking over. Alternatively, many of the top clinics here offer free transportation to and from the Border. For those undergoing major treatment, transport may even be provided to and from Yuma. 

  • Close proximity to the Border means that English is spoken widely, so you won’t have language problems when visiting the best clinics.

  • Many of our listed dentists have done at least some of their training in the United States, and are American Dental Association members. Molar City dentists must adhere to the same standards as American dentists, which means you get the same level of care as you would at home

  • There is a huge choice, with 300 clinics and almost 1,000 dentists. To separate the wheat from the chaff, use Dental Departures' verified clinic listings. 

  • Algodones is safe for tourists and residents alike. Fortunately, social and political unrest has not visited this small one-industry town.

How Much Do Dentures Cost in Los Algodones?

The table below shows you how much you can save on dentures in Algodones compared to home:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Full Dentures price –








Full Dentures price –

Los Algodones







[Please note that these are estimates at the time of writing.]


With So Much Choice, How Do I Choose a Trusted Dentist?

Finding a good dentist is easier than you think when you book with Dental Departures. We have partnered with reliable dental providers in Los Algodones so that you can relax, safe in the knowledge that we have already done the research.

We carry out background checks, list dentist qualifications, professional memberships and publish real patient reviews on our site under each verified clinic listing. You can also see clinic photos and compare prices, giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision with everything you need in one place.

Check out our most popular clinics below to see how much your new dentures in Algodones will cost:

The Bottom Line

Get in touch with our Customer Care Team if you want to find out more about dentures prices, Los Algodones, hotels, how to get there or any other dental-tourism related matter. We’re always happy to help, no matter what time of day suits you. 


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