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Bangkok is not only the capital of Thailand but also one the top dental tourism destinations on the planet.  Some of Thailand’s best dentists can be found in Bangkok for an appointment.  Visitors travel from all over the globe to visit Bangkok dentists to receive their dental care.  

Visitors to Bangkok experience a superb level of dental care which is comparable to and in some cases better than what they would experience at home.  Travelers to Bangkok can generally save up to 70% on their dental care by visiting a Bangkok dentist.

Dentists in Bangkok perform all standard dental procedures: implants, crowns, veneers, root canals, extractions, dentures, teeth whitening, braces, fillings & bridges.  Thailand dentists are known world round for modern dental clinics and their expertise performing dental implants.  

Tens of thousands of dental patients from Australia, United States, Canada, Russia, Denmark, and the United Kingdom visit Bangkok dentists to receive quality dental care every year.  The dental clinics in Bangkok range from one small dental clinic with three dental chairs to whole five story building housing 75+ dentists of all specialties.

People who visit Bangkok will be pleasantly surprised by its modern dental clinics and architecture.  Bangkok has a reputation as a gritty, hedonistic city (which one can still find in corners of the city) but in reality Bangkok has grown past this stereotype to become a leading city in Southest Asia and a hub of modern dentistry.

Bangkok Transportation

Taxis in Bangkok are plentiful and are the preferred way to travel as a visitor.  Renting a rental care in Bangkok is basically taking your life into your own hands.  Be sure that the taxi you hail is on the meter before you start your journey.  If you do not see the meter being utilized leave the cab immediately as they will overcharge you for the trip and try to negotiate an outrageous price.  Be prepared to wait during rush hour as traffic in Bangkok can turn a short journey into a very long wait.

Public Transportation
If you want to avoid the joys of rush hour traffic in Bankok the preffered options to select light rail either above ground or below ground with the BTS & MRT.  You can get anywhere you want in the city safely and quickly using the BTS network.  An added perk to the BTS network is the fact that it is less expensive than renting a taxi or motorcycle.

Bangkok motor cycle taxis can quickly weave you through traffic to your destination and are faster than Bangkok and a lot more fun.  You can find motor cycle taxis on all major street corners wearing red vests.  Grab a helmet and hop on and enjoy a fast an adventurous way to travel to your destination!

Chao Phrya River Express Boats
The Chao Phrya River is a major feature in Bangkok and is also a great way to get around the city.  You can pick up a river boat every 20 minutes and every 5 minutes during rush hour.  It is an expensive way to see the city and experience Bangkok’s many stunning vistas.

Tuk Tuk
Bangkok’s Tuk Tuk’s are indeed a fun experience but only for the well travelled.  It is very easy to pay way too much money to travel via tuk tuk:  hard negotiation and local knowlege of regular rates are required.

Bangkok Communication

Public phones are slowly growing harder to find in Bangkok as people adopt cell phones.  The preferred methods to communicate with home are:  
  1. buy a prepaid SIM card and insert into your cell phone for cheap domestic and international calls 
  2. use the internet at your hotel/dental office to call home via Skype or Google Chat
Internet access
Bangkok has plentiful options to access the internet through your hotel, dental offices or cyber cafes.  You will not need to go far to find free wifi access or paid internet service.  Generally, all the dental offices you visit in Bangkok will offer free internet terminals or Wifi.

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