Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in Split


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Replace Your Missing Teeth at the Top Prices: Implants in Split Are More Affordable Than You Think

If you have missing teeth, replacing them with dental implants is perhaps the best decision you can make for your oral health as well as your appearance. Dental implants are relatively new treatments, but they are the future of the dental industry, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits in the long run. In fact, a dental implant can imitate almost 100% of a tooth’s appearance and functionality. If you want to replace your missing teeth at the top prices, implants in Split, Croatia are a viable option.

Here’s a look at some of the major benefits of getting your implants in Split instead of your home country.


Specialized Dentistry

Dentists in Croatia have the same education and skill level as their counterparts in the rest of Europe and even North America. So you can expect a high-quality of service for all kinds of dental work – from check-ups to root canals, and from cleaning procedures to bone graft surgery.

Quality Services

Dental tourism in Croatia is affordable, but local clinics seek to provide you the highest level of service. There are numerous excellent facilities for getting dental implants in Croatia. In Split, the Suzana Bigava Maršič is the most renowned medical practitioner and her private practice is running successfully for the past many years. Her clinic has operated thousands of satisfied clients who regularly come in for follow-up appointments and other dental work as well.

The formula is similar to that of all top clinics in Croatia: namely tourism coupled with affordable dental work. This clinic offers the best in terms of dental technology as well as cosmetic dentistry. Their approach to dental treatments is based on the latest, internationally recognized techniques, hygiene principles, and materials. Most importantly, the clinic has been designed to make your visit as stress-free as possible, because after-all, a trip to the dentist isn’t anyone’s idea of a vacation!

Reasonable Prices

A standard implant crown with abutment costs £976 (UK price £3006). A standard titanium dental implant costs £781 at the above-mentioned clinic (UK price £1718), while titanium dental implant including abutment and standard crown costs £1171 (UK price £3045).

Some people require grafting surgery before the implants can be fitted, a procedure that costs around £1562 in Britain but the same procedure costs between £234 in Split.

The price difference, as you can see, is phenomenal, and this the main reason why people come to Croatia for dental work.

These were the major benefits of dental tourism in Split. The real benefit, however, lies in the procedure itself. Dental implants are long-term solution that last at least 25 years and require no continued adjustments once they have been fitted. Compare this with dentures, that are durable for up to 10 years but require periodic adjustments and constant maintenance.

So feel free to explore Dental Departures and find the top prices. Implants in Split are a great choice for lasting oral health at reasonable costs.

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