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Ready to get the dental crowns you’ve always wanted? Dental Departures offers a huge range of accessible dental clinics across the Philippines . If you’re interested in getting cheap and affordable dental crowns in Angeles, here are the top three clinics where you’ll get the best crown dentists in Angeles.

Bonifacio Dental Center

The Bonifacio Dental Center is one of the leading dental clinics in Angeles, Philippines. The clinic is located at 2/F Hub Mart Bldg., Teodoro cor Fields Ave. Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga Province, 2009 and has been in existence for the past 20 years. All our Dental Departures patients who went to the Bonifacio Dental Center unanimously loved the fact that the dental care team is professional, knowledgeable, patient-oriented and willing to go the extra mile. As for the dental crowns price list, this is an additional factor that make patients choose this clinic. Temporary crowns prices start at USD 30 (CAD 40, GBP 23, EUR 28, AUD 40, NZD 43) which amount to huge savings compared to USD 150 (CAD 202, GBP 117, EUR 140, AUD 199, NZD 213) .

Smile MakeOver Dental & Aesthetic Center

At the Smile MakeOver Dental & Aesthetic Center , dental providers adopt a holistic approach to patient care, which contributes to giving patients a unique dental care experience, resulting in continuously great reviews for this dental clinic. The clinic is only 7 years old, and is considered one of the fastest growing dental clinics in Angeles. They are also peculiar in the fact that they provide entertainment to their patients during treatment, free digital X-rays and mobile phones for foreigners, for the length of their stay in Angeles. Zirconia dental crowns at this clinic cost around USD 426 (CAD 575, GBP 333, EUR 397, AUD 565, NZD 606) which are considerably cheaper prices when compared to USD 1,600 (CAD 2,160, GBP 1,249, EUR 1,472, AUD 2,121, NZD 2,275).


Metro Angeles Dental Center

The Metro Angeles Dental Center is another top rated dental clinic in Angeles, Philippines. Located in 2395 R. V. Ponce Street (Balibago), Angeles City, Pampanga Province, 2009, the clinic was built 31 years ago and has grown to be one of the oldest serving dental clinics in the area. With a team of board-certified dental providers with a combined local and international experience, the Metro Angeles Dental Center has consistently given high-quality, top notch care to its local and international patients. In addition to the expertise of its dentists, the high professionalism of the clinic and its convenient location, one of the reasons why Dental Departures patients love this facility is the affordability of its prices. Zirconia dental crowns at this clinic cost around USD 426 (CAD 575, GBP 333, EUR 397, AUD 565, NZD 606).

With Dental Departures, excellent, affordable and reliable dental care is within your reach. Contact our customer service team to get the best deals on our crowns price list and to get connected with the best crown dentists in Angeles.

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