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Quezon city, one of the most populous cities of the island, abounds of dental clinics where you can get affordable dental crowns! And here are the huge perks: by booking with Dental Departures, you get to work with the best crowns dentists in Quezon!

San Salvador Dental Clinic

With 30 years in the business of dental care, San Salvador Dental Clinic prides itself in providing top notch, modern dental services for better oral health. Located at the heart of metropolitan Manila, the clinic is perfectly situated in the midst of several touristic attractions, making it an added advantage for all the visitors who want to do some sightseeing before the end of their trip. Dental crowns prices start at USD 10 (CAD 13, GBP 8, EUR 9, AUD 13, NZD 14) for temporary crowns, compared to USD 150 (CAD 202, GBP 117, EUR 140, AUD 199, NZD 213) in other countries.

Evangeline Jean de Castro

Dr. Jean de Castro’s clinic is one of the oldest dental clinics in Quezon, delivering excellent dental care in the city for over 30 years. Led by Dr. Jean de Castro herself, a renowned dentist with over 30 years of experience and international exposure, the clinic is a top destination for travelers from around the world who want to get excellent dental crowns at an affordable price. At this clinic, dental crowns price starts at USD 20 (CAD 27, GBP 16, EUR 19, AUD 27, NZD 29) for temporary crowns.


Brace Dental Clinic - Cubao

Personalized, friendly and affordable dental care is at the core of the Brace Dental Clinic - Cubao mission , and they have been providing that for more than 30 years. Their dentists are trained according to rigorous standards, and provide quality service to all patients. Dental crowns prices start at USD 41 (CAD 55, GBP 32, EUR 38, AUD 54, NZD 58) for temporary crowns.

Asia Sun Dental Clinic Manila

For 23 years now, the Asia Sun Dental Clinic Manila has been a great destination for local and international travelers for several reasons. WIth its patient-centered care approach, the dentists at the Asia Sun Dental Clinic Manila always surpass patient satisfaction. The clinic also offers added perks such as free Xrays and a free oral consultation, as well as free dental crown/bridge removal and free shuttle to and from the border. And if you thought you had it all, hear this: temporary dental crowns/veneers at the Asia Sun Dental Clinic Manila are free!

DentaPrime - Quezon City Branch

This clinic is located at Unit 210 Columbian Bldg. West Avenue near corner EDSA Quezon City after Paramount Bldg (front of SM City North Edsa), Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1552 and has been providing dental crowns to local and international travelers for more than 10 years. Top rated among all clinics in Quezon city, DentaPrime - Quezon City Branch matches excellence in care with affordability of prices. Dental crowns prices start at USD 173 (CAD 234, GBP 135, EUR 161, AUD 229, NZD 246) compared to USD 1000 (CAD 1,350, GBP 731, EUR 932, AUD 1,326, NZD 1,422) for Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown (standard alloy).

With the cheapest and most affordable crowns price list, Quezon is definitely a unique city to consider if you’re looking to get dental crowns. Contact Dental Departures today to be connected with the best crowns dentists in Quezon.

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