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Where are the best dental clinics & crowns? San Jose is a place loved by international patients.

In recent years, dental crowns have been used to display an improved dental appearance. But most patients with dental concerns, who want to improve the way they smile and achieve excellent aesthetic quality, usually opt for looking for the best dental clinics & crowns. San Jose in Costa Rica fortunately offers international patients this procedure and amazing prices.

Prices for this procedure are not among the most expensive treatments but international patients could still save a considerable amount when having the procedure in Mexico as the table will illustrate.








$ 1,164.00

$ 1,483.00

$ 1,505.00


$ 500.00

$ 628.00

$ 627.00








Do not forget to get in touch with us at Dental Departures for more information and a detailed walkthrough of the various procedures. We will supply patients with further information and assistance when booking an appointment with any of our highly certified clinics in San Jose.

Costa Rica All on four has a team composed of top-notch specialists in various fields. They help patients save time, reduce stress and deliver effective treatment. Costa Rica All on Four offers all on 4, all on 6 and other custom restoration procedures. Mostly the procedure is done in just one appointment.

Prisma Dental provides services which are all about quality treatments and the preventing any dental concerns. They deliver a complete dental health program. This clinic has a team of highly skilled specialists in a number of varied areas such as children’s dental care, orthodontics cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, restorations, dental implants crowns, veneers and dentures.

Patients facing with problems regarding their oral health should consider Clinica Mario Garita - The Dental Experience as the ideal facility to use. The facility provides high quality services such as composite filling, porcelain veneer, zirconia crown - over tooth, full denture, acrylic teeth and all on four procedures with fixed acrylic bridge - per arch.

DentaVac Dental Clinic aims at providing dental care to patients through their quality dentistry treatments. Thousands of patients flock to San Jose every year to get quality and affordable dental treatments such as veneers, crowns, implants, bridges, whitening and other dental services. DentaVac offers these at very affordable prices!

Confidental Costa Rica assures its patients of providing quality dental services at a very affordable price. They offer a comprehensive range of general and specialist dental services to both local and international patients. These services include composite filling, composite veneer, full porcelain/ceramic crown, zirconia crown, full denture, acrylic teeth and all on five procedures with fixed acrylic bridge.

Patients can now benefit from the best dental clinics & crowns, San Jose is a popular destination for this procedure. As part of the drive for dental tourism, San Jose ensures quality standard services with quality-checked dentists.

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