Can I Get Dental Implants in Playa del Carmen on My Holiday?


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A popular resort town, Playa del Carmen is an amazing Mexican tourist spot along the Caribbean Sea. What makes this tourist destination even more attractive is that it offers a range of affordable and high-quality dental procedures including dental implants. Read on to learn more!

Is it Easy to Find Reliable Clinics in Playa del Carmen?

As long as you conduct some good research and know where to look, you can find first-rate dental clinics for quality implants. Dental Departures goes to great lengths to bring you the names and information of the best clinics at top dental destinations across the world. From background checks to onsite visits to checking legal/criminal records, our comprehensive screening includes checks that become your best bet to find reliable dentists abroad.

If you’re traveling on holiday to Playa del Carmen, you can easily find some great clinics. A few clicks on the Dental Departures portal will fetch you reliable information on the top clinics in this Mexican resort city offering an array of implantology treatments. You can read reviews, look at photos and compare prices in your own currency.


To make things even simpler for you, here are three names of the best clinics in this resort town:

After all, you don’t want to waste your precious vacation time going blind over the details of countless clinics. So feel free to read about these three clinics, or any of our listed facilities, and you can quickly choose one of the best places in Mexico to get dental implants.

Dental Implants Cost – Playa del Carmen

How much can you save on dental implants by getting them while on holiday in Playa del Carmen? This briefcomparison of Mexican prices with US and Canadian will give you an idea:

Cost of dental implants in the US: USD $3,913

Cost of dental implants in Canada: CAD $5,026

Cost of dental implants in Playa del Carmen: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,579

An easy way to save $2500+ per implant! Rest assured you’re not saving all that money only to compromise on your health. Dental Departures brings you only the most reliable dental clinics, vetted with authenticated patient reviews, rigorous background checks, clinic certifications/accreditations and more.

Getting Started

If you'd like to know more about receiving All-on-4® treatment concept or other implant treatment in one of Mexico's most-traveled seaside resorts, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team; we are happy to help.

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