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One of the treatments offered by Bali clinics is teeth whitening. Read on to know more about teeth whitening review, Bali clinic profiles, and the cost of treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment restores the color of the tooth surface by removing the dirt and debris. Although you can whiten your teeth using over-the-counter products, the in-office teeth whitening treatment performed by dentists is safe, fast, and effective.

In-office teeth whitening is safe because the dentist takes an oral examination and reviews your medical as well as your dental status. The dentist will discuss with you the process, some of its limitations, cost and other details. In order to protect your gums from the effects of bleaching, the dentist will cover the soft tissues surrounding the teeth. You’ll notice the improvement in your teeth after the treatment. Take-home kit whitening is usually given after the in-office treatment to help you keep your newly-whitened teeth bright and stain-free.


Take note that teeth whitening is not recommended for the following:

  • Children below 16 years old

  • People with sensitive teeth, allergies, and gum disease

  • Individuals with crowns, fillings, and other restorations

  • Those with dark-stained teeth

If you want to know if teeth whitening treatment is best for you, consult a dentist in Bali so that a complete examination will be taken. After the laser teeth whitening treatment continue to practice proper oral hygiene and stay away from food/beverage and habits that can stain your teeth.

Quality of Oral Care in Bali

The quality of oral care in Bali uses the same standards as dentists do back home. The clinics listed by Dental Departures are screened to ensure patients’ safety. Background checks such as on-site visits, verification of dentists’ qualifications, validation of their professional memberships, and review of patients’ feedback are carried out. The verified clinics include the following:

The clinics mentioned above provide effective treatments, well-trained dentists, and modern facilities. They offer General Dentistry to specialized procedures such as Restorative Dentistry, Gum Treatment, Root Canal Therapy, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry (teeth whitening, veneers, crowns), and Oral Surgery. The dentists handling the treatments specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, and other fields. They completed their studies not only Indonesia, but also in the USA and Europe. The dental facilities have modern equipment such as lasers, digital x-rays, and other tools.

Price of Teeth Whitening in Bali

The price of teeth whitening in Bali is affordable compared to Australia, New Zealand, UK, and USA. Below is the price comparison.







Price in Bali

USD $187

CAD $252

GBP 146

AUD $248

NZD $266

Other countries

USD $496

CAD $669

GBP 387

AUD $657

NZD $705

Teeth Whitening - Review Bali Dental Clinics

If you’re after an affordable holiday treatment like teeth whitening, review Bali’s dental clinics with Dental Departures. Book an appointment with a dentist in Bali by getting in touch with our Customer Service Team.

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