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Croatia is an emerging dental tourism destination for patients to receive their dental care.  Croatian dentists are seeing increased demand for their dental services as visitors have discovered they can receive quality dental care for up to a 70% savings.

Croatian dentists perform all standard dental procedures: implants, crowns, veneers, root canals, extractions, dentures, teeth whitening, braces, fillings & bridges.

Dentists in Croatia are registered with the Croatian Dental Chamber and regulated by the Croatian Ministry of Health.

The major centers for Croatian dental tourism are:  Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split.  There is starting to be a trend of dental patients receiving treatment from Croatian dentists in smaller towns located on the Crotian coastline.

Dentists in Croatia are starting to provide more and more global dental patients with world class dental care and allow them to experience Croatia’s beautiful coast, food & culture.

Croatia Visa Requirements

Foreign Visas
Almost all western & EU nations are able to receive an instant and free 3 month tourist visa when they enter Croatian with a valid passport.  

To learn more about visa requirements please visit:

Transportation in Croatia

Taxis are plentiful in the major cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split.  Like most major cities the taxis in Croatia are a more expensive travel option but you are paying for convenience and local driving knowledge.  

Ferries are a popular transportation option when traveling along the Croatian coastline.  Most ferries are operated by Jadrolinija and offer an inexpensive way to move around the Croatian islands & coast.

Croatia has a great network of short and long distance buses.   Croatian buses are generally modern and offer conveniences such as bathrooms and air conditioning.

Croatia offers a decent railway network all-be-it very an aging one.  Going by train will generally take you the longest time to get to your destination but if you have lots of free time or you are on a budget it is a perfect mode of transport.  

Car Rental
Car rentals are available in all of Croatia’s major cities and airports.  Renting a car allows you to get off the beaten track and explore the back roads of Croatia.  Croatia’s coastal road E65 is becoming well known as one of the world’s most beautiful roads and you can only experience it by car.  Car rental is the most expensive Croatian travel option and be prepared to pay tolls for the privilege of driving on Croatia’s new highway system.

Communication in Croatia

The cell phone coverage in Croatia is good and if you have a GSM phone you will find it convenient to take your cell phone with you (watch out for the roaming fees).  The preferred methods to communicate with home are:  
  1. buy a prepaid SIM card an insert into your cell phone for cheap domestic and international calls 
  2. use the internet to call home via Skype or Google Chat
Internet access
Croatia has plentiful options to access the internet through your hotel, dental offices or cyber cafes.  You will not need to go far to find free wifi access or paid internet service in Croatia.

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