Dental Crowns Reviews in Cancun


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If you are dealing with decayed, broken, chipped, discolored or cracked teeth, crowns may be your best chance. Also, they are recommended for people who have undergone root canal treatment or dental implants for the protection of the affected teeth.

There are various types of crowns in the market and your choice will depend on aesthetics, cost, and durability. Either way, you should highly consider having the crowns fitted at Cancun given the splendid dental crowns reviews in Cancun

The clinics worth checking into for affordable dental crowns in Cancun are:

#1) Sunset Dental Cancun

This clinic has the best view overlooking Nichupte Lagoon and visitors can get quick access to the amenities Cancun has to offer.

The location and surroundings make it convenient to anyone getting dental care here to enjoy vacation time.

There is an ultra-modern design studio at this clinic which comes fully equipped with everything needed in dental care. You will be served by renowned experts in dental care and the beauty of it is that you will not have to spend tons of money on the cause.


#2) Cancun Dental Specialists

This clinic brings art and science together in serving clients who travel from the farthest corners of the world to seek treatment here due to the solid reputation the clinic has built for itself over the years. They understand that to offer the best services you need to have the technical know-how, human resources, and advanced technology.

All this is available at Cancun Dental Specialists. Besides the dentists and surgeons, there is a Master Technician who handles complex laboratory cases to ensure the clients get only the best.

#3) Ocean Dental

This clinic is certified by the American Dental Association and it offers specialists as well as general services in dentistry. Compared to the prices charged in Canada and the US, the rates at Ocean dental are quite low.

The clinic has been in operation for more than a decade now and during this time it has impressed the dental community not only in Cancun but also in the rest of the globe. This is what has kept its ratings over the roof.

The dentists working here are either trained in the US or hold a US license. This means that the services are at the same standards as to what you get in the United States, but without paying the high prices.

#4) Dentics

You can look forward to exceptional dental care at Dentics completed by friendly staff. The team is under the leadership of Dr. Naxhiely Sanchez Castillejos and Dr. Jun Carlos Nava Gallardo who obtained their academic qualification from prestigious institutions abroad and at home as well.

Their Spanish and English are impeccable and they are great listeners.

Prices in Cancun for Crowns Compared to Home

It costs, on average, USD $ 370 ( AUD $ 467, CAN $ 469, NZ $ 502, UK £ 283) to get dental crowns in Cancun compared to USD $ 1200( AUD $ 1517, CAN $ 1521, NZ $ 1629, UK £ 920) in the US.

Please note that prices will depend on whether the treatment entails a crown being USD to replace a tooth using a dental implant and abutment

The Bottom Line

All these clinics have been endorsed by Dental Departures based on a number of checks, including onsite visits, confirmation of dentist qualifications and professional memberships, as well as former patients' dental crowns reviews.

In Cancun, you can make the most of your relaxing holiday time while saving money on maintaining your dental health. For more information about dental crowns in Cancun, speak to our Customer Care Team.


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