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Having dental implant surgery is becoming an increasingly expensive undertaking in the US, which is why it makes sense to look at options across the border in Mexico.

At Castle Dental, one of the most-highly-rated clinics in Los Algodones, patients booking through Dental Departures can save up to 70%, which equates to savings of thousands, or even tens-of-thousands, depending on the complexity of implant surgery required. 

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Dental Tourism In Los Algodones

As the most northern town in Mexico, Los Algodones is ideally situated just across the US-Mexico border, just 7 miles to the west of Yuma in Arizona and within driving distance for millions of Americans living in California. 

Known as the “dental capital of the world”, Los Algodones boasts more than 900 dentists and over 300 dedicated dental facilities, meaning that there are more dentists here per capita than any other place on the planet.

The popularity of dental tourism in Mexico has exploded over the past 20 years and, by choosing to undergo your dental treatment at a Los Algodones dentist, you could save yourself as much as 70% compared to the prices being charged by dentists in the United States and Canada.

What’s more, many of our listed dentists practicing in Los Algodones have trained abroad, meaning they hold internationally-recognized qualifications, as well as affiliations with globally respected organizations such as the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Dental Association.


About Castle Dental, Los Algodones

Castle Dental is ideally located in Los Algodones, just minutes away from the border crossing. This allows US patients to park their cars on the northern side of the border and simply walk across to their appointment, passport-in-hand, of course. 

Their well-equipped dental center strives to deliver world-class dental treatments at budget-friendly prices - with their purpose-built facility promising a clean, bright and welcoming environment for even the most dental-phobic of patients. 

In fact, if you are nervous about undergoing treatment, the calming attention of Dr. Arturo Beltran Castillo and his team will put you at ease, while various sedation options are also available. 

Regarding dental implants, Castle Dental works with experienced implantologists that provide a range of tailor-made solutions to replace single, multiple, or all of your missing teeth using crowns, porcelain bridges or custom-made acrylic prosthesis. 

What Exactly Are Dental Implants And How Much Do They Cost?

A single dental implant is essentially a threaded post, usually constructed from titanium, that is inserted directly into the jawbone. The implant acts as an artificial root into which an abutment can be screwed, allowing a crown to be securely attached into place.

For more complex mouth reconstructions, four, six or eight implants may be used (per jaw), onto which a whole arch of teeth - similar to a denture - is permanently attached. This kind of treatment is generally carried out in at least two stages: the first involves the placement of the implants and the second, several months later, being when your new teeth are fitted. 

Compared to domestic prices, Castle Dental can carry out dental implant treatment for around 70% less than back home. Below is a comparison of a basic tooth replacement procedure using a single implant:

                                     U.S.           Castle Dental       Saving      
Dental Implants (US $):       $3,915  $1,250 68%


                                    Canada      Castle Dental       Saving      
Dental Implants (CAD):       $5,030 $1,655 67%


                                    U.K.            Castle Dental       Saving      
Dental Implants (UK £):      £2,930 £1,000 66%


                                    Australia            Castle Dental     Saving      
Dental Implants (AUD):      $5,100 £1,650 67%

[Please note that these are estimated prices at the time of writing. See our individual clinic listings for latest prices.]

How Do I Arrange My Treatment?

This is where Dental Departures comes in. By booking your treatment through our site or Customer Care Team, you can benefit from our best price guarantee policy, and also get preferential rates on additional medical insurance through a number of independent insurance providers.

Before getting in touch, take a look at our Castle Dental listing to see the full range of available treatments, as well as clinic photos, dentist profiles, patient reviews and more useful information. 


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