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The easiest way to find the feedback of patients who went to Indonesia for oral care is to have a look at Dental Departures’ clinic listings. You’ll find the clinic profiles together with photos, background of the dentists and prices of treatment, as well as real patient testimonials, giving you plenty of information to make a decision on whether a particular clinic is for you.

The Island of Bali is Indonesia’s most popular medical and dental tourist destination. Some of the top-quality dental clinics on Bali are:

  • Bali 911 Dental Clinic – has two branches on the island – one in Kuta and one in Denpasar. They offer Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Oral Surgery, Laser Periodontal Treatment, and Orthodontics. Treatments covered in this clinic include dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, laser teeth whitening. Surgical operations such as extractions and wisdom tooth removal are also carried out here. The dentists handling the treatments are specialists in Oral Implantology, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Orthodontics. The implant specialist is affiliated with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
  • ARC Dental Clinic is a multi-specialty dental centre that offers an array of services such as Dental Implants, Restorative Treatments, Periodontics (gum treatment), Endodontics (root canal therapy) and General Dentistry. The clinic is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology from USA and Europe. It uses special equipment called CAD/CAM that produces accurate crowns and bridges in just a short time. This benefits patients who need quick solutions for tooth loss. The clinic is headed by a German national who specializes in dental implants. He is a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and the European Academy of Oral Implantology.
  • Drg. Syamsiar Adam changed its name to Kuta Dental Clinic. It provides specialized treatments like Periodontics, Dental Implants, and Restorative Dentistry. Treatments covered in this clinic include crowns, dentures, fillings, and laser teeth whitening. The chief dentist completed her specialization in Advanced Periodontal Surgery/Implant Dentistry in the US. Advanced technology are used in restoring patients’ teeth.
  • Rejuvie Dental Clinic offers dental treatments and anti-aging solutions in relaxing environment. Treatments include dental implants, crowns, dentures, bridges, fillings, root canal therapy, veneers, laser teeth whitening, braces, and oral surgery. Additionally, the provide General Dentistry like teeth cleaning and other preventive care. The dentists are members of the Indonesian Dental Association.

The above-mentioned clinics offer dental tourism where they assist patients with treatment and travel. They provide shuttle service and hotel discounts.

If you’re also interested in restoring your teeth with dental implants, consult a dentist in Indonesia. A comprehensive examination will be taken. The dentist will evaluate if you’re a good candidate for implants. Feel free to discuss your concerns with the dentist.

Don’t worry about the price of dental implants in Indonesia because it’s lower compared to your home country. You’ll save on your dental expenses and enjoy the fascinating beaches of Indonesia.

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