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Welcome to the Land of Smiles – where getting the perfect smile is easy and affordable with our quality-checked dentists in Bangkok, Thailand’s mesmerising capital.

The Kingdom’s natural beauty, historical riches, and smiling people never fails to captivate visitors. With gleaming waters surrounding pristine, white beaches, the gentle demeanour of the iconic Thai elephants, the phenomenal beauty of monumental temples, sophisticated cuisine and much more – all of these bring together the enduring allure of this country.

Thailand’s cultural integrity is intact – it is the only country in South East Asia that hasn’t been colonized by Europeans. However, this doesn’t mean the country has stayed living in the past. Although the traditional Thai community is still visible today; you need not travel far to see it in action – both in the cities and rural communities.


Being one of the primary tourist destinations in Asia, millions and millions of tourists fly into Thailand every year. Major hotels and countless tourist attractions have been developed, and tourism is now the foremost contributor to the development in the country.

Other than the fantastic temples, monuments, and landmarks dotted around the country, a lot of tourists also look forward to the affordable cuisine, services, and shopping. Prepare to get your mouth watering with the variety of luscious food, especially the traditional Thai cuisine, available at fancy restaurants and even from vendors in the streets. The beauty of Thailand reflects in the glimmering neon hues of the night markets where items of varying quality are available here at cheap prices – good for those who are on a tight budget, or for those who just like to haggle.

Bangkok Dentistry

In Bangkok, you can see a variety of life. From the floating markets scattered on the network of canals to the modern office buildings, truly this place is a city of contrasts. So much more than that, Bangkok offers the best of modern clinics, especially in the field of dentistry. Boasting the best high-technological equipment, the expertise of Bangkok dentists has been something that dental tourists are particularly happy about when they have treatments here.

The Bangkok Smile Dental Group is one clinic that is sure to take care of your dental needs. The services they offer are inexpensive compared to Western prices, but that does not mean that the quality and safety is compromised. By comparison, the average cost of a single dental crown in Australia is $1,200, but in Bangkok, it only costs $280. See the difference?

Another popular clinic is the Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) who offer a high-precision service in a state-of-the-art dedicated 7-storey dental facility. Since the competition for dental patients is high in
Bangkok, the dentists here are sure to provide patients with outstanding treatments. BIDC is internationally renowned for its high-tech, modern facility,the expertise of its dentists and their commitment to supplying an exceptional service to all their customers.


Getting decent dental work abroad has never been easier with the excellent-quality facilities now available and if you’re looking for a dentist in Bangkok then you won’t have a better start than checking out the clinics mentioned here.

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