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Dental Destinations

Finding the right global dentist is difficult.

There are so many dental options available if you are willing to travel for dental treatment. You start asking yourself ‘Should I visit a dentist in Thailand or a dentist in Mexico, Costa Rica or Hungary?’

Dental Departures will help you make researching dental destinations overseas a whole lot easier. This dental destination library will help you research popular dental destinations, learn more about the dental landscape and what to expect when you travel there.


Thailand Dentists
Visiting a dentist in is what you need to know
How to Find the Best Dentists in Thailand
Find the best dentists in Thailand with these hints.


Bangkok Dentists
Find a dentist in’s what you need to know
How Safe is Dentistry in Bangkok?
Find out why Bangkok is considered to be one of the leading countries for dentistry in the world. Click here to read more...
How to Save Money on your Dentistry in Bangkok
Save money on your dental care in Bangkok. Find out how here...


Phuket Dentists
How to find a dentist in’s what you need to know
Find the best Phuket dentist prices on holiday
Comparison of Phuket dentist prices for dental tourists
Compare Phuket Dental Prices to Get The Best Deals on Your New Smile
Phuket dentist prices and how they compare for dental tourists
Looking For a Phuket Dentist Price List? Check Out These Top-Quality Clinics
Prices for popular dental treatments at top-quality Phuket clinics
Phuket Dentist Reviews - Find A Dentist You Can Trust
Find a Phuket dentist you can trust with the help of our real patient recommendations
Phuket Dentists - Delivering Affordable, Good-Quality Dental Care to International Patients
Comparison of popular dental treatment prices at Phuket dentists with UK, US, Australia and New Zealand prices
Phuket Dentist Reviews - Find the Best Clinics
Phuket dentist recommendations for dental tourists
Considering dental holidays? Phuket fits the bill.
Why Phuket is a great dental tourism destination with high-quality Dentistry and some of the top Clinics in Thailand
Sea, Smiles and Dental – Phuket has it all
Find the right Dentist in Phuket without breaking the bank. Enjoy Phuket with the savings you make!
Dental Holidays Phuket - How much can I save?
Price comparison of Phuket dental care with US, UK and Australia and how dental tourists can save on a dental holiday


Pattaya Dentists
Find a dentist in Pattaya? Here’s what you need to know...

Chiang Mai

How to find a Recommended Chiang Mai Dentist
Why Chiang Mai is a great place for a dental holiday and how Dental Departures can help you find a recommended dentist.
Find the Best Dentist in Chiang Mai
How to find the best dentist in Chiang Mai


Philippines Dentists
Travelling to the Philippines for Dental Care? Here’s what you need to know...
Philippines: Dental Tourism at its Best
Why choose the Philippines for dental tourism


Manila Dentists
How to find a Manila’s what you need to know
Find an Affordable Dentist in Manila
Find inexpensive dental treatment in Manila, Philippines.


Spain Dentists
Looking for a dentist in Spain? Here’s what you need to know...


Mexico Dentists
Looking for a dentist in Mexico? Here is what you need to know about Mexican dentists....
Can I get back to the US without a passport?
If you come into Mexico you should have a passport to return to the US. Without a passport, you can be delayed until Border Patrol clears you for return entry.
A Guide to Smile Makeovers Abroad
Looking to makeover your smile? Check out our guide to a smile makeover abroad...


Algodones Dentists
Looking for an Algodones Dentist? Here’s what you should know...
4 Tips to help you choose the best dentist in Algodones
Find the best dentist in Algodones with these 4 tips.
Are Dentists Qualified in Algodones?
Find out the qualifications of Algodones dentists and why many Americans are choosing Algodones as their dental destination...
Hygiene Standards in Algodones
Worried about the hygiene standards for dentists in Algodones? Find out more about the high quality that Algodones has to o
Affordable Dentistry in Algodones
Find out here why Los Algodones is a prime location for affordable dentistry...


Tijuana Dentists
Looking for a Tijuana dentist? Here’s what you should know.

Safety of Dentistry in Mexico

Safety of Dentistry in Mexico
Safety standards of dentistry in Mexico and Dental Departures' commitment
Safety of Dentistry in Mexico - Hygiene and Cleanliness
Read up about hygiene and safety standards and what you should look out for when traveling to Mexico for dental treatment.
Safety of Dentistry in Mexico - Dentist Training
What are dentist training and qualifications in Mexico. How do they compare with the US?

Safety of Traveling in Mexico

Mexico Safety - What May Surprise You
Statisitics confirm that Safety in Mexico compares favourably with other tourist destinations
Mexico Safety - Where's Good to Go?
Safest places in Mexico. Recent statistics.
Mexico Safety - Driving
Driving in Mexico. Safety tips.


Find the Best Dentist in Cancun
What you should look for to find the best dentist in Cancun.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Dentists
Pay for your vacation to Costa Rica by saving on dental care!
10 activities for dental tourists in Costa Rica
Visiting a dentist in Costa Rica? Here is what you can do with your free time...
The truth about dental care in Costa Rica
Find out about dental care in Costa Rica and how to save up to 70% with Dental Departures' global network of quality-checked dentists.
How to find a great dentist in Costa Rica
Tips on how you can find a quality dentist in Costa Rica


Poland Dentists
Looking for a Polish Dentist? Here is what you need to know...


Hungary Dentists
Visit the premier dental destination in all of Europe…Hungary!

Czech Republic


Prague Dentists
How a trip to Prague can save you thousands on dental care!


Greece Dentists
Looking for a dentist in Greece? Here’s what you need to know.


Turkey Dentists
Looking for a dentist in Turkey? Here is what you need to know.


Croatia Dentists
Looking for a dentist in Croatia? Here’s what you need to know.



How visiting a holiday dentist in Bali can become an essential part of your dental care routine
A Bali dentist can help holidaymakers maintain their dental health for a much more affordable price than the costs at home.
5 Facts about Bali Dental Tourism
Five reasons why Bali is a good location for international dental tourists
Looking for an affordable location for cosmetic dentistry? Bali fits the bill
Affordable dentist in Bali recommendations who offer great prices and excellent quality.
Visiting a Bali dentist? Here's what to expect.
Why dental tourists can rely on Bal dentists to provide affordable, good-quality and trustworthy care
Bali dentist reviews - and other ways of finding of finding the best dentist in Bali
How to discover the best dentists in Bali by using the free resources available online
5 Tips on how to find the Best Dentist in Bali
Guidelines for dental tourists to find good-quality dentists in Bali
Learn how to get the best dental implants in Bali
Find out how you can be sure of getting good-quality dental implants in Bali
Recommendations for the Best Dentist in Bali
Good-quality Bali dentists offering services suitable to dental tourists
Looking for a Bali dentist price list? Compare our listings and get the best deals!
Compare Bali dentist prices on one website, which also offers exclusive discounts and guaranteed bed prices.
Bali Dental Prices – affordable dental care for all
Compare Bali dentist prices with your home country and see quality Bali dentist recommendations
Bali Dentist Recommendations – Finding the right fit for your dental needs
Bali dentist recommendations for dental tourists
Bali Dental Clinic Recommendations for Optimum Dental Care
Good quality recommended dental clinics in Bali for dental tourists