Find Out How Much You Can Save on Laser Teeth Whitening in Kuta


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You can enhance your smile and improve the appearance of your pearly whites by opting for high-quality teeth whitening. Many people are reluctant to even smile openly when their teeth are yellow or stained. You can overcome this issue by undergoing the treatment in Kuta, Indonesia. Not only is teeth whitening affordable in Kuta but the clinics there are on par with the best dental facilities in Australia and New Zealand. If you are seeking affordable, high-quality teeth whitening, review Kuta ’s renowned dental clinics on Dental Departures.

The procedure is simple and doesn’t take too long. The recovery period is minimal as well. If you choose to stay back in Kuta for a vacation, you will return home with whiter teeth and a refreshed mind and body. However, you might wonder if the price of teeth whitening in Kuta ’s clinics is reason enough for you to travel to Indonesia for the treatment. Well, here is an overview of the amount of money you can save on the treatment by heading to Kuta.

Over 50% Savings on Average

The average cost of teeth whitening in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $870 / NZD $894. In comparison, the average teeth whitening price Kuta’s leading clinics charge is AUD $357 / NZD $392, which is close to 60% lower. Keep in mind that this is the average price. When it comes to teeth whitening, review Kuta’s dental clinics on Dental Departures and you will see that a few clinics charge less than the average price, which means even greater savings for you.


That said, you might wonder that teeth whitening is not the most expensive procedure available in Australia and New Zealand. This is why your best option is to undergo teeth whitening in Kuta when you are there on vacation. The destination is known for the tourist attractions it offers, and you will be able to maximize your savings. Moreover, you can undergo multiple treatments on the same trip, including teeth whitening. Review Kuta’s list of clinics on Dental Departures and get an idea of the range of treatments on offer.

Affordable Yet High-Quality Teeth Whitening

The cost of the teeth whitening in Kuta is low but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for inferior quality. The dentists and clinics in Kuta are on par with the most renowned dental clinics in Australia and New Zealand in terms of the standard of treatment on offer. You can read reviews from past patients and also check pictures to get a better idea of the quality on offer. Here is an overview of the prices the top clinics charge:

So, as you can see, you can save close to 60% on the cost of teeth whitening in Kuta, provided you undergo the treatment on holiday or opt for multiple treatments on the same trip. You just need to review clinics that offer teeth whitening. Review Kuta’s most popular clinics on Dental Departures and choose the right one.

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