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As an uprising destination for medical and dental tourism, Poland continues to attract more and more people from around the world, both in and off season, for dental care ranging from root canals, dental implants and dental crowns. The affordable prices, the great care and the amazing architecture are all factors that make people fall in love with Poland. And according to our dental crowns reviews in Poland, here are the top 3 things that Dental Departures patients loved about their experience (and which you’d probably love too!)

Great Location

If you’re a lover of history, nature and European architecture, then Poland is definitely the destination for you. And if you go to Krakow and Warsaw (the capital) especially, you get to better appreciate the “old style” type of building, and the Gothic Wawel Castle (in Krakow). In Zakopane. You can also admire the Zakopane-style homes that are also very characteristic of the Polish lifestyle. The country is also known for its medieval architecture, and simply walking down the streets makes you feel like you’re parading around ancient castles.

For those traveling to Poland in May, they can be among the first to witness nature waking up from the endurable winter, and enjoy activities such as birdwatching. And if you’re a fan of medieval combats, then you’d be just in time for the International Knights’ Tournament in Byczyna. There are so many things that Poland has to offer, and you might be the one to experience these if you choose it as your dental crowns destination.

Great Prices

The dental crowns cost in Poland certainly helps to attract a lot of international visitors. At clinics such as the Dentus II and Dental Art clinic , you get to make massive savings on your dental crowns, as you only spend EUR (GBP USD CAD AUD NZD) compared to EUR 932 (GBP 781; USD 1,000; CAD 1,350; AUD 1,326; NZD 1,422) which are the average prices in Europe and the UK.


Prices here are particularly cheaper in Poland because compared to other countries, a lot of additional fees such as administrative fees, salary fees, facilities fees, etc. are lower in Poland. Moreover, Dental Departures has worked to secure you the best deals, so you can get the best value for your money!

Great Clinics

In Poland, there are several clinics that you can work with, and all would give you a great dental care experience. In addition to the Dentus II and Dental Art clinic, we also recommend the FABDENT - Designing your FABulous smile ! Which is one of the top rated dental clinics in Warsaw. This clinic has been providing top notch dental care to local and international patients, and is highly rated by Dental Departures because of the positive reviews received from our patients who went there for their dental crowns. With a staff that is bilingual (English and Polish), the FABDENT - Designing your FABulous smile! takes patient satisfaction a step further, through effective communication and by including the patient in the plan of care.

Poland is an excellent destination for those who love architecture, history and nature. All Dental Departures patients who went there for their dental crowns (or other dental procedures) were satisfied, based on our dental crowns reviews. In Poland, there are great dental clinics to choose from. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you in selecting the clinic that is right for you. So, no need to delay: contact us today.

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