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What are the treatment options for crooked teeth, poorly aligned teeth, or gaps & spacing between teeth?

There are many treatment options for providing you a smile makeover to fix your crooked, gapped, or poorly aligned teeth.  Some further information is included below on typical options, along with instructions on how to get a quote for your dental makeover.

For teeth with minor alignment issues, porcelain or composite veneers (bonding) can be considered.  If the alignment issues or gaps are moderate, but too extensive to be corrected with veneers, dental crowns may be a consideration. For severe alignment issues and gaps, typically orthodontic treatment (braces) would be needed, though in some cases it may be possible to extract teeth and provide a makeover with crowns/bridges, or dental implants.

How much will it cost?

It really depends on what type of care you need, but whichever treatment option is best for you will typically cost 50-70% less than it would for the same type of care with a dentist back home.  For many patients, this equates to thousands of dollars in savings.

Determining your treatment options & getting a quote

Since the treatment considerations do vary greatly and each case is unique, you have two options for how to proceed with receiving your assessment:

  1. Send us photos of your smile and the affected teeth in the natural bite position with lips retracted from several angles and copies of recent panoramic x-rays.  If your local dentist has recommended a treatment plan for you, please include this information as well.*
  2. Schedule an appointment for an in-person oral examination and cosmetic evaluation.

*If you believe your issues are minor and mostly cosmetic, a basic assessment can be done with strictly photos. However, we may not be able to assess the extent or type of care needed and may only be able to confirm whether or not crowns or veneers can be considered for your case. The full evaluation and final treatment plan will need to be done in-person following your oral examination.

How long does it take to complete a smile makeover?

Veneers and crowns can be done in one trip. Typically about about 3 appointments: one appointment for the initial assesment, tooth preparations and impressions, another for try-ins and cementing the crowns or veneers, and then another visit a few days later for final adjustments as needed.  The time required varies depending on your case and which office you choose to visit, but the vast majority of cosmetic makeovers with veneers or crowns can be finished in one trip with a stay of two weeks or less.  Should you require braces, this would need to be done over a period of 1-2 years with monthly visits for adjustments.

Veneers info:

Crowns info:

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