Get Sun, Sea and an Affordable New Smile with Dental Veneers in Phuket


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If you are looking for affordable veneers dentistry, Phuket is the ideal destination. The simple elective procedure can cost you a fair bit in Australia and New Zealand. Your best option is to become a medical tourist and plan a trip to Phuket, where you can benefit from the low veneers cost.

Phuket, Thailand, is among the leading dental tourism destinations, not just in Asia but across the world. The cost of dental treatments in Phuket is low across the board. Even the top clinics there keep prices low. However, you might wonder if the low price means you have to settle for inferior quality. Thankfully, this is not the case at all. You can find high-quality yet affordable dental treatments in Phuket, including veneers. So, why should you travel to Phuket rather than any other medical tourism destination?

The Perfect Holiday Spot

In addition to being a top destination for veneers dentistry, Phuket is a popular tourist destination. You will find plenty to see and do in Phuket, with stunning scenery and some great attractions. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, with great beaches, a serene lifestyle, and a happening nightlife. In other words, you will have the time of your life with the sun and the sea in Phuket. You will return home with plenty of reasons to smile!


A New Smile that’s Priceless Yet Affordable

So, while you are relaxing and enjoy yourself on a holiday in Phuket, you can opt for veneers dentistry. Phuket is home to a number of clinics that offer affordable veneers. The average cost of veneers in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $1,623 / NZD $1,667. In comparison, the average veneers cost in Phuket is just AUD $470 / NZD $519. As you can see, you can easily save over 70% on the cost of the treatment. The best part is that even the top clinics in Phuket keep prices low, such as:

The affordable veneers you receive will restore your teeth to their perfect appearance, regardless of whether they are crooked, damaged, or stained. The procedure is safe and effective, and in Phuket, quite affordable as well.

And when you are done receiving veneers, you can rest & recuperate in Phuket. In fact, few places can compare to Phuket in terms of the peace and tranquility on offer. You can explore the local culture scenes or just stroll through Old Phuket Town during the afternoon. You will return home rejuvenated and refreshed, and with a smile that you have always dreamed of having, all thanks to the affordable, world-class veneers dentistry Phuket offers. So, find the sun, sea, and an affordable new smile by travelling to Phuket for veneers!

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