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If you are looking for affordable root canal dentists, Mexico’s border town clinics are the answer to the ever-rising costs in the US.

Heading south into Mexico for dental care is not just about saving money (although that is a given); the treatment can also save your tooth, which certainly is worth the trip.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

The majority of people are usually told they need root canal treatment when they experience some sort of pain, swelling and possibly pus discharging from around the gum line. This is a sign of infection and could be deep within the tooth cavity because a tooth's nerve has become infected, which means it needs clearing out and filling.

Before any treatment can begin, a course of antibiotics is required to get rid of the infection; only then the dentist can open the tooth and remove the debris. 

Therefore, if you have visited a dentist at home who has confirmed you need a root canal, the first step would be to undergo a course of antibiotics; this two-week (or so) window gives you some time to find a suitable dentist in Mexico where you can receive the necessary root canal treatment for a more reasonable price.

How Much Can I Save in One of Mexico's Border Towns?

You may have been surprised by the price quoted by your dentist at home for a root canal. Fortunately, prices at Mexico’s border town dentists are considerably less:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Root canal cost –

at home







Root canal cost – Mexico







[Please note that these are estimated prices at the time of writing. See our individual clinic listings for latest prices.]


Recommended Dental Clinics in Mexico

Dental Departures gives you a fantastic choice of clinics dotted around Mexico's border towns, particularly the ones located between California and Arizona, which are convenient for anyone living in the Southern States to drive to.

Alternatively, there are several international airports, including San Diego in the US or Tijuana in Mexico if you are coming from farther afield.

For expertise in root canals, take a look at some of our partner clinics in these popular Mexico border towns for dental tourism:


Adjacent to San Diego, the city is convenient for Californians, and you can get a FastPass for the medical lane to avoid the lines at the Border.

Dr. Dalia Dental Care has been established for almost three decades, is affiliated with the American Dental Association and is less than a 10-minute walk from the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

Other top root canal dentists in Tijuana are:


On the Mexican side of the border from Calexico in California, Studiodent (Formerly O'Dent Mexicali) offers family dental care at affordable prices. Mexicali also has medical lanes to avoid the long border waiting times if you get a FastPass from the clinic. Mexicali itself has been on the rise for the last few years, now offering international visitors plenty of cool things to do, like gallery hopping, museums, hip bars and restaurants

Other popular clinics in Mexicali for root canals are:

Los Algodones:

One of the most-highly rated facilities for root canal treatment, Supreme Dental Clinic is located in ‘Molar City’ the name given to Los Algodones, the Mexican town where low-cost dentistry is the main reason it receives thousands of visitors every day. The clinic delivers a full range of family dentistry and adheres to American Dental Association guidelines.

Other recommended clinics in Los Algodones for root canal treatment include:

What's Next?

If root canal dentists in the US are too expensive, Mexico is the obvious alternative. Ask for a free quote, book an appointment online, or speak with our Customer Care Team for more information; they can be reached 24 hours a day at no charge to you. 


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