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Greece is becoming a more popular dental tourism destination for patients to travel and receive their dental care.  Europeans dental patients are taking advantage of the inexpensive flights to Greece and the deep recession in Greece to receive high quality dental care for a better price than they would receive at home.  

Visitors to the Greece experience a superb level of dental care which is comparable to and in some cases better than what they would experience at home. Travelers to Greece can generally save up to 50% on their dental care.

Greek dentists perform all standard dental procedures: implants, crowns, veneers, extractions, root canals, dentures, teeth whitening, braces, fillings & bridges.

Greek dentists are establishing a reputation of having ultra-modern dental equipment and facilities just a couple hours away London via Ryanair or EasyJet airplane flight.  In addition, by visiting a dental clinic in Greece EU dental patients pay in a currency well known to them...the Euro.

The major centers for dental tourism in the Greece are:  Athens and Thessaloniki.

Dentists in Greece are regulated & registered with the Greek Dental Association.

Dentists in Greece give global dental patients the ability to receive world class dental care at a discount and the opportunity to experience a wealth of history & culture and drink in the beauty of the Greek Islands.

Greece Visa Requirements

Foreign Visas
Almost all western & EU nations are able to receive an instant & free 3 month tourist visa upon arriving in Greece with a valid passport.  If you live in a country that does not qualify for the instant/free 3 month visa you can generally pay $20 for the privilege.

To learn more about visa requirements please visit:
Transportation in Greece
Greece consists of 1,400 islands and the best way to get around is through the ferry network which utilize 3 forms of ferry transport:

The slowest option to hop between islands but the least expensive option you will find.

High Speed Ferries
As the name states:  high speed ferries are a faster alternative than a normal ferry.  You will find the high speed ferries are larger and generally more modern than normal ferries.  As an added bonus high speed ferries are generally slightly more expensive than normal ferry.

High Speed Catamarans
The ‘cats’ of the sea are double hulled ferries which speed you through the Greek islands.  The high speed catamarans will be the fastest option to get you to your destination.  The down side of high speed catamarans is the cost:  they are the most expensive option to get you from island to island.

Taxis are plentiful in the major cities like Athens and Thessaloniki.  Like most major cities the taxis in Greece are a more expensive travel option but you are paying for convenience and local driving knowledge.

Buses in Greece are an inexpensive way to travel around the country.  In some cases, buses will get you to those small tucked away Greek towns that you are unable to reach via train.

You can get to Greece via train but it is generally a very expensive travel option.  Plus, the fact the Greece consists of so many islands makes travelling around Greece an unpopular option.

Rental Cars
Yes, you can rent a car in Greece. The major cities (Athens, Thessaloniki) can be hair raising but once you get into the country side rental cars offer you the freedom to travel where and when you please.

Communication in Greece

Public phones are harder to find as people adopt cell phones.  The cell phone coverage in Greece is absolutely wonderful and if you have a GSM phone you will find it convenient to take your cell phone with you (watch out for the roaming fees).  The preferred methods to communicate with home are:  
  1. buy a prepaid SIM card an insert into your cell phone for cheap domestic and international calls
  2. use the internet to call home via Skype or Google Chat

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