The DD Checklist: Picking an Algodones Dentist That's Right for You


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Algodones is the northernmost town in Mexico, making it easy-to-reach for visitors from southern Arizona and California – being only 7 miles away from Yuma.

Combining low prices with high standards of care, there are literally hundreds of dentists to choose from here, earning it the nickname "Molar City"

Most visitors from the US side of the border crossing usually park on the US side and walk over into Algodones. You will normally be greeted by street vendors who are on commission to direct you to certain dentists – but if you are looking for the best dentist in Los Algodones, then this isn’t the best way to find one.

Here are some tips on finding the one that suits you.

1: Find Out All You Can About the Procedure You Need

Obviously, you may not know what procedure you need as you may just be going for a check-up or consultation, but if you do know the procedure then do some research that will enable you to choose an appropriate specialist.

For the majority of everyday dental care a general dentist will be just fine, but if you are looking for dental implants, for example, then, finding a trained implantologist would be preferable. 

Dental Departures organizes lists of top-rated dentists in Algodones according to a number of different procedures, as provided below:

2: Check Out Dentist Training and Qualifications

Clinics like the Sani Dental Group have dentists who have undertaken some training in the United States and are members of the American Dental Association, which means they are also governed by the rules and regulations of the ADA.

This means you can expect your dental care to be as good as what you’d get at home. You can learn more about the training of dentists in Mexico here


3: Do the Clinic Facilities Seem Up-to-the-mark?

Do the premises seem clean and hygienic? Does it follow recognized hygiene protocols? Do they have state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D scanning, or CAD/CAM technology?

Not every clinic is going to have or need every bit of new technology that comes along, but if you are pushed for time and need, for example, new teeth, then you may want to find a dental clinic like Castle Dental who can perform ‘teeth in a day’ procedures. 

4: Use a Specialist Dental Tourism Platform to Book Your Appointment

Specialist providers, like Dental Departures, have extensive knowledge of Los Algodones and have partnered with only the most reputable dental clinics in town. You can check our listings, compare prices and book online using our website.

To book, speak to our Customer Care Team at any time of day, at no charge to you. 


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