Get a smile makeover with laser teeth whitening in Ho Chi Minh City


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There’s nothing like smiling with ease and confidence during your holiday vacation, is there? Why not get a smile makeover with laser teeth whitening in Ho Chi Minh if you’re visiting on holiday, or on business?

What’s in Ho Chi Minh City?

Well, besides the affordable dental care, Ho Chi Minh City gives you a combination of nature and city life and they deliver in style. With the Saigon River flowing through the city, you’ll have unique dining experiences on a cruise, a riverside dinner overlooking the water and the sunset will make you cry with its quaint, idyllic spectacle. With the French influences throughout the city, you’ll have a delectable combination of European and Asian in cuisine and culture!

What happens during your laser teeth whitening procedure?

Laser teeth whitening is the most effective way of attaining the whitest potential your pearly whites. It makes use of laser technology to eliminate the yellow to brown stains on our teeth. The procedure starts off with the application of protective agents in the gums. This is in the form of a gel that dries into a rubbery material. A whitening substance is applied on the teeth the lasers are used to activate the whitening substance. After the substance whitens the tooth, a second application will ensue and then a third.

How much are teeth whitening procedures?

In the table below you will be able to see the average costs of whitening procedures:







$ 633.00

$ 694.00

$ 496.00


$ 191.00

$ 210.00

$ 150.00







Dental Departures recommend these clinics for you


Rose Dental Clinic gives you an opportunity for quality dental aesthetic and health care. In Rose Dental Clinic, you’ll not only avail affordability, but also top-quality results that will make the beautiful smile of yours grow even wider.

Vinh An Dental Clinic sports a friendly and personal approach to each of their patients. With their state-of-the-art facility, Vinh An Dental Clinic is able to deliver high-quality service performed by their dental experts.

Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospitaldelivers the highest quality and top-notch services available, making sure that their patients come in hopeful and come out pleased. Worldwide Beauty and Dental Hospital has professional staffs and dental specialist that ensure their excellence.

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Top off your vacation with beautiful, white teeth! Smiling is unavoidable in the beautiful Ho Chi Minh City so have your smile equally beautiful as well. The whitening price in Ho Chi Minh City, combined with the city’s inspiring quality, it’s all too great an opportunity, isn’t it? Come and book your smile makeover now through Dental Departures!

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