How Much Can You Save by Getting Dental Treatment in Juarez?


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“Juarez is waiting for you”

This is the tourism slogan for the Mexican city of Juarez, poised to boost its tourism industry. The idea of saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on dental treatments is what drives numerous people from the US and Canada to Mexico. Cities like Juarez are especially popular thanks to their proximity to the US-Mexico border. The government is also working hard to increasing tourism, including the dental tourism scene. Rest assured, the well-trained dentists in Juarez offer you the perfect combination of quality dental care and amazing cost savings.

An Amazing Price Comparison Guide for Mexican Dental Tourism

Saving “a lot” is good to hear, but actual numbers are better. Knowing how much you can save will help you plan your dental holiday more properly. Let’s look at price comparisons for the most popular dental procedures.

Dental Veneers Cost in the US: USD $ 1,245

Dental Veneers Cost in Canada: CAD $ 1,599

Dental Veneers Cost in Mexico: USD $477 and CAD $633

This means you save 62% on your veneers if you get them in Juarez.

Dentures Cost in the US: USD $ 1,826

Dentures Cost in Canada: CAD $ 2,344

Dentures Cost in Mexico: USD $669 and CAD $888

These are 63% savings thanks to a trip to Juarez.

Dental Crown Cost in the US: USD $ 1,164

Dental Crown Cost in Canada: CAD $ 1,483

Dental Crown Cost in Mexico: USD $500 and CAD $674

Percentage savings: 57%

Dental Implants Price in the US: USD $ 3,913

Dental Implants Price in Canada: CAD $ 5,026

Dental Implants Price in Mexico: USD $1,250 and CAD $1,686

Percentage you save: 81%

Full Arch Mouth Restoration Cost in the US: USD $ 26,000

Full Arch Mouth Restoration Cost in Canada: CAD $ 33,431

Full Arch Mouth Restoration Cost in Mexico: USD $10,000 and CAD $13,490

You save: $16,000!

These are the average prices that you will encounter at the best clinics in Juarez such as Smile Inn and Dental Solutions Juarez.


Low Cost, High Quality

Rest assured that the unbelievable prices you just saw above don’t mean you’re getting a low standard of care. It’s just that the cost of running dental clinics in Mexico is much lower than in countries like the US or Canada. If these highly affordable dentists in Juarez were to set up shop in the US or UK for instance, they would have to charge much higher prices as well.

The cost of living is also lower in Mexico than in America. Moreover, these clinics compete with each other to deliver not just low prices, but the highest quality because their main international market is made up of people like you who don’t want to compromise on their health just to save money.

Save Money and Avoid Hassle

You don’t have to trade money for hassle. You can go online to read more about the top clinics in the city. Remember, to really make the most of the cost savings, you need to find the most qualified cheap dentists in Juarez, something you can do without even leaving your home thanks to Dental Departures, an excellent portal for dental tourists.

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