How Much is the All-on-4® Treatment concept in San José Costa Rica?


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Benefit from high-quality, low-cost dental care in San José with Dental Departures and save up to 75%. Whether you are seeking teeth whitening, cavity fillings or root canal work, combine a relaxing vacation and dental visit to one of our top dentists in Costa Rica’s capital.

What Makes San José So Appealing for Dental Care?

San José is less than a three hours flight from many US and Canadian cities, making it easily accessible for patients. This is even more beneficial if you require more complex dental treatment, as you may require more than one trip.

If you are planning a stay, San José provides the ideal gateway to exploring the rest of Costa Rica. Why not experience this fascinating and diverse country, whilst waiting for those all-important lab results or before completion of your treatment.

Furthermore, dental treatment in San José is extremely affordable and should easily put a smile back on your face. Take for example the cost of All-on-4® treatment concept in San José which is significantly lower than what you would pay at home. With more than 40 clinics, catering to many international patients, our featured facilities provide high-quality treatments, in-house CAD/CAM dental laboratories and cutting-edge technology.


What Standard of Service Will I Experience in San José?

Fully-trained dentists, specialist qualifications and English staff are some of the reasons you should book your appointment with Dental Departures. All our clinics in San José have been fully vetted for stringent hygiene and the highest service standards. Check out our virtual clinic tours and images before you reserve. Some of our most notable clinics include Prisma Dental and ConfiDental Costa Rica.

How Much Does Dental Treatment Cost Compared to Home?

Save up to 60% on All on 4 dental work in San José in contrast to the United States and Canada. Prices can be found below;

  • Price in the US: $26,000

  • Price in Canada: 33,431 CAD

  • Average Costa Rica full-arch dental treatment: $10,500

Why Choose San José for Low-Cost Dental Procedures?

Situated in the middle of Costa Rica, San José is a dental travelers dream. The ideal base for exploring the country, this bustling city is home to a myriad of fascinating architecture and cultural/historical centers such as the Museo de Oro and the Teatro Nacional.

Beautiful courtyards, lush green spaces and historic neighborhoods, such as Barrio Amón, make it the perfect place to relax and unwind pre or post-treatment. Gaze in awe at the spectacular mountains around San José, head to the Central Valley or explore the breathtaking Peninsula de Nicoya.

Foodies can stroll around Barrio Escalante, San José’s gastronomic epicenter, while farmers markets take place every Saturday. A vibrant nightlife and cultural scene make San José appealing for patients looking to combine a vacation or recuperation with affordable dental treatment.

Do You Know the Way to San José?

Once you arrive in Costa Rica’s capital city, you can choose from a host of accommodation options in San José, from budget hostels to impressive 5-star hotels costing less than $100 a night. The ritzy, Americanized suburb of Escazu offers some of Costa Rica’s best specialty clinics in addition to great choices in lodging, restaurants and nightlife. The high season from December to April is busy, therefore it is advisable to book in advance.

Some of our clinics provide discounts or even complimentary accommodation, subject to the dental treatment you receive. Contact us to find out more.

How to Book

Find and book a quality-approved dentist in San José with Dental Departures. To ensure our Best Price Guarantee, reserve online or call our toll-free number and speak to our dedicated Customer Care Team.

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