How Much Will I Pay to See a Dentist in Nogales?


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Dental tourism is on the rise in the border town of Nogales due to the low-cost dental services that are readily available abroad. However, how you shouldn’t base your choice of dental facility solely on price?

Before you hop on the next flight or drive across the border from Southern Arizona, do your research into both cost and quality. There is no need to incur great expenses on dental treatment in your home country when you can get the same quality treatments abroad for a fraction of the cost.

Dental Departures can provide you with Nogales dental prices for a variety of top-quality dental facilities in Mexico:

Young Dental Nogales

The clinic boasts a highly knowledgeable team of professionals who are fluent in English. Tooth whitening, lumineers, veneers, and prosthetics are some of the dental services you will get at Young Dental Nogales to give your smile a makeover. This is done using the highest quality treatments, with the materials and work carried out all under guarantee.

The well-being, happiness, and health of each patient are of paramount importance to the Young Dental Nogales team. That is why they offer a personalized care program that recognizes and understands each individual’s requirements.

Dental Line

Dental Line pride themselves on their modern diagnostic machinery and equipment. High standards in autoclaving, the medical instruments used in carrying out dental procedures, ensure that there is no chance of getting infections or diseases during the process. Each team member speaks English fluently and are committed to ensuring that each patient goes home having had their expectations exceeded.

Arizona Dental Now

Arizona Dental Now have been praised for their high moral and ethical standards. Great emphasis is put on the quality of services during their procedures to ensure that everyone is comfortable before, during and after their treatment. Nervous patients who are afraid of pain can now get dental services without much fuss thanks to Arizona Dental’s advanced sedation techniques. Also, the dentists are friendly and will do their best to make sure you are at ease.

Arizona Dental Now provides the most affordable and high-quality dental services in Nogales. A full-range of dental services is offered, all of which are competitively-priced and range from general dentistry to specialist procedures.


Cost Comparison in Nogales

  • Dental implants cost USD $3,900 in the United States while you will only pay USD $1550 in Nogales.

  • Root canal procedures (including post/core and crown) cost USD $2,200 in the States, whereas in Nogales you pay just USD $850 for the same procedure.

  • A single dental crown in the United States costs USD $1,200. A professional dentist in Nogales charges around USD $315 for the treatment.

How Do I Start?

Dental tourism can save you a lot of money if you choose the right clinic. However, ensure that you are familiar with Nogales dental prices before you make any bookings.

Contact our Customer Care Team for more information on price lists, popular treatment booking procedures.


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