How Much Would Dental Implants Cost in Nogales?


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Dental implants, which act as artificial tooth roots, can be used with a crown or fixed bridge when your natural teeth are decayed, broken or missing. The procedure should be carried out by a specialist for the outcome to be impressive. If fitted well, they can last a lifetime.

For people living near the US-Mexico border close to Nogales in Mexico, the town has a lot to offer regarding art and culture, as well as some interesting day trips into the nearby desert. However, you can use this time to get Nogales dental implant treatments at rock-bottom prices.

More About Dental Implants in Nogales

Dental implants come in three parts. They can be fitted in two visits, or three in cases where a sinus lift is required. This is may be necessary to make the jawbone more prominent to make fitting the implants easier.

The implants are fitted during your initial visit. An incision is made in your gum to allow a hole to be drilled into the jawbone into which the implant is inserted. After the procedure is completed, the incision is stitched to allow time for the implant to fuse securely with the jawbone through osseointegration. This process can take anywhere between 3 and 12 months to complete.

The second step involves the attachment of the crown or false tooth. An abutment is screwed directly into the now-secure dental implant and the crown or false tooth is attached to this.


How Much Can I Save in Nogales?

You will have to spend approximately USD $3,900 in the United States to get dental implants.

However, you only need about USD $1,200 to get the same implants with top-quality dentists in Nogales. And what’s more, the implants and service that you receive will be every bit as good as the treatment you would expect to receive back home.

A breakdown of prices is given below:

Young Dental Nogales

  • Standard Implant Crown (with abutment): USD $650.

  • Standard Titanium Dental Implant: USD $1,150. The treatment duration is 1-2 days.

  • Titanium Dental Implant(with abutment & standard crown): USD $1,725. The treatment duration is 1-2 days.

Arizona Dental Now

  • Standard Implant Crown(with abutment): USD $850.

  • Standard Titanium Dental Implant: USD $1,000.

  • Titanium dental implant(with standard crown & abutment): USD $1,700.

Dental Line

  • Standard Implant Crown(with abutment) : USD $900.

  • Standard Titanium Dental Implant: USD $1,000.

  • Titanium Dental Implant (with abutment and standard crown): USD $1,750.

How Do I Get Started?

Dental Departures can supply prices in 21 different currencies and our Customer Care Team are available 24/7 for an online chat, or you can talk to an advisor on the toll-free number provided.

There are various methods of payment that are accepted, although these could vary from clinic to clinic, so be sure to check beforehand with your preferred provider before you travel.

You can get dental services that comply to international standards without compromising your finances in Nogales. Dental implants are the best option if you are suffering from the stigma of missing or damaged teeth that affect the quality of your smile.


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