How the Mexican Town of Agua Prieta is Reducing America's Dental Bills


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It is well documented that Americans and Canadians are increasingly heading south to Mexico for costly dental procedures, such as dental implants or reconstructive surgery. 

However, more people than ever are entrusting their regular, everyday dental care to a dentist in Mexico, mainly because it is a lot cheaper than at home. Plus, they get to spend some time shopping or sampling the Mexican culture for a few hours in places like Tijuana, Mexicali or Los Algodones. 

Part of the problem with costly dental care in the US and Canada is that people are postponing their annual or bi-annual check-ups, which is a huge part of preventive care – i.e. preventing dental problems from starting, or tended to at an earlier (more treatable) stage if a problem is detected.

The corrosion is often advanced and far more costly to repair by the time it is severe enough to go to the dentist (usually because of pain). This creates a lose-lose situation for patients, which is why dental tourism across the border has become such an attractive option. 

Dental Tourism in Agua Prieta

For prospective patients based in the Arizona region, the Mexican border town of Agua Prieta offers a convenient choice thanks to its close location and the growing number of reputable dental practices setting up shop in town.

But just how much can you save on routine dental care in Agua Prieta?

The table below shows the cost of teeth cleaning in Agua Prieta, compared to other countries:


US $


UK £



NZ $

Teeth cleaning cost – home







Teeth cleaning cost – Agua Prieta








Why Go to Agua Prieta for Dental Care?

If you live in one of the southern US, in particular Arizona, Agua Prieta may be relatively easy for you to visit. Adjacent to Douglas and over the US-Mexico border, the crossing is smaller than some other locations providing a relaxed ambience on both sides of the border.

As with other dentists along the border, our partner dentists in Agua Prieta offer quality services to international patients and tend to have a fine command of the English language.

The clinics and facilities are contemporary, adhering to internationally recognized health and safety protocols.

For extra peace-of-mind, reserve your appointment with a Dental Departures’ approved clinic. Our background checks ensure that you will go to a facility that has been verified. Additionally, we record doctor qualifications, professional memberships, even include patient reviews on our site. 

Getting Started with Dental Departures

For preventive dental care like check-ups and teeth cleaning, review Agua Prieta as a location for your dental needs and arrange an appointment via our Customer Care Team today. 


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