How to find a good clinic for new dentures in Medellin, Colombia


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Searching for dentures clinics? Medellin has a bunch of dental clinics that offers high quality dentures at affordable prices. Here are some tips to help you find a good clinic for your new dentures in Medellin, Colombia.

Look for a reliable source

The listings compiled by Dental Departures can help you find clinics that offer dentures in Medellin. We verified the dentists’ qualification, check the dental facilities, and review their professional affiliations. Visiting a quality-checked clinic gives you confidence that the oral care provider meets the standards of care. You don’t need to spend time scouring a pile of clinics on the web. All you have to do is to browse the clinic profiles, see the dentists’ background, and read patients’ reviews. Choose a clinic and book an appointment with us. This will save you time and effort. Some of the clinics in Medellin that we have verified include the following:

The clinics in Medellin offer dental tourism where they assist patients from abroad with treatment and travel. They offer hotel discounts, free transport service, and travel tips. The dental facilities in Medellin are equipped with modern technology such as digital x-rays and Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) system that creates dental work like crowns and dentures in just a short time.


The dentists in Medellin specialize in gum treatment, oral surgery, and other fields. They include a graduate of Harvard School of Dental Medicine and a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. They are well experienced in restoring teeth with dentures and other dental restorations.

Check the quality of dentures in Medellin

If you check the quality of dentures in Medellin, you’ll discover that it’s the same as back home. They conduct a thorough examination and assess the patients’ dental/medical background. The dentists in Medellin use materials that are offered at home. Dentures in Medellin are made of acrylic, flexible, and metal frame. Partial dentures are used if there are remaining teeth while full dentures are used to replace all of the missing teeth. You will be given information about the type dentures, treatment process, and the cost.

Compare the price

If you compare the price of dentures in Medellin, it’s lower than the US and Canada. This will give you big savings on your dental cost. The table below shows the price comparison of dentures.

Dentures Price: Medellin vs. other countries







Price in Medellin

USD $352

CAD 475

GBP 275

AUD $467

NZD $501

Other countries

USD $1,800



GBP 1,405

AUD $2,386

NZD $2,560

Replace your missing teeth with dentures in Medellin on your holiday. To help you find an oral care provider, look at our list of dentures clinics. Medellin dental clinics will replace your teeth with high quality dentures at a fraction of the price you’d pay at home. Find a clinic and book an appointment with Customer Service Team. Get in touch by phone, email, or online chat.