How to get a free quote for your dental care abroad


Get a free quote

Just send us an email to get your free quote! 

Useful information to get your quote

  • Description of your dental needs
  • Recent x-rays
  • Photos of your smile
  • Treatment plan provided by your local dentist

We can use any or all of the above information to provide your price estimate and let you know how long to plan your trip for.

Description of your dental needs

Simply describe in as much detail as possible what kind of treatments or procedures you anticipate needing.  If you can explain which tooth or teeth needs treatment, this is very useful.  Be as specific as possible!  We do want to make sure we provide you with as accurate an estimate as we can.


Just send us copies of your recent dental x-rays by email.  We can then have our dental specialists provide a clinic evaluation of your x-rays and recommend a treatment plan. Your x-rays are crucial information that is needed to evaluate complex dental cases that require implant treatments, extensive reconstructions, root canals, or multiple procedures.

Smile Photos

Just take some photos of your smile and send them to us!  Photos that are useful include:

  • Face shot, smiling naturally
  • Close up of your lips and teeth: naturally smiling, from straight on and from the right & left sides
  • Close ups of your teeth only from straight on and from the right & left sides
  • If possible, the biting surfaces on the top and bottom of your teeth

For cosmetic treatments, or to provide an evaluation of how to give you a full smile makeover, these photos are very important. 

Your Current Treatment Plan

Has your local dentist given you sticker shock with his treatment plan?  Just send us a scanned copy of the treatment plan, or type out the list of procedures recommended.  We can then give you a comparison price quote on how much you will save on the exact same procedures!

Where to send the information

Any information about your case, including photos, x-rays, or treatment plans can be sent to a Dental Departures patient coordinator at this email address:                                                

We look forward to showing you exactly how much you can save!

What else to know
Dental Departures believes in transparent pricing, and we do work hard to provide the most accurate estimate of your treatment possible.

Please note that a final determination for your treatment can only be decided upon after consultation at the clinic and after discussing all your treatment options in person.  Different dentists follow different protocols depending on their experience, specialty training and the dental materials they offer at their clinic.

Our dentists will work with you to provide you the absolute best quality treatment for both your budget, and your smile.

Can you have your evaluation and estimate done at the clinic instead?

Of course!  Just schedule your appointment for examination and consultation with Dental Departures for soon after your planned arrival.  If you already have a trip planned this is the best way to get your quote. Treatment options will be discussed with you in-depth and follow up visits for treatment can commence the same day in many cases, or whenever work best for the clinic's schedule and yours.  Of course, you can always take a short trip for a consultation visit only.

If you would like to pursue this option, you are not obligated to commence any treatment.

If your trip is already planned, please send us an email or call to request your appointment as soon as possible so that we can book enough time for your treatment.  Schedules can fill up very quickly and we need to ensure availability of the necessary appointments during your stay.  Appointment requests can be made by contacting a patient coordinator at: 

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