How to Make the Most of your Dental Vacation in Zagreb


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One of the best clinics in Croatia is the Dental Clinic Ksaver. This is situated in Zagreb for more than three decades, even before dental tourism was a thing in Croatia. The clinic has a highly experienced team that offers specialized procedures like dental implants in the most professional manner.


This clinic, built in 1979, prides itself on its reputation that it has maintained over the years. When first built as a center for oral health, it was a pioneer clinic in Croatia, and it went on to receive ISO certification. This will remove any doubts in relation to the safety and quality of the dental work you can expect in Croatia.

This clinic also focuses a lot on education, and so while they are happy to receive your business, their overall commitment is to develop solid oral health for their patients. Their clinic is also designed for prevention of disease, which is a major worry among dental tourists.

Get the Best Prices

Dental care is affordable in Zagreb, but how affordable? Let’s find out. Different clinics charge differently for dental implants, but prices are never far apart from each other. So let’s see the prices at the clinic just discussed to get an idea of average implant costs in Zagreb.

A standard implant crown with abutment costs £389 (UK price £3006). A standard titanium dental implant costs £949 (UK price £1718), while titanium dental implant including abutment and standard crown costs £1337 (UK price £3045). Some people require grafting surgery before the implants can be fitted, a procedure that costs around £1562 in Britain but the same procedure costs between £167-334 in Zagreb!

Work Your Appointment in Your Itinerary

Local dentists estimate that a week’s trip to Zagreb for dental work will cost less than just the cost of treatment in the UK. So make the most of this discount by planning your itinerary and scheduling your dental appointments.

All this information will help to make most of your

dental trip to Zagreb.

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