How To Select An Excellent Penang Clinic For Botox


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Many people take a medical tourism holiday to Malaysia for Botox . Penang is a nice, peaceful location where many of the country's best cosmetic clinics are located. With so many options it can be difficult to select the best one for you, so we have complied some handy tips to help you with your decision.

Read Reviews

The best way to find out the truth about the clinics, is to read Botox reviews from real patients, who have actually been there. Medical Departure’s clinic pages all have an extensive review section. On top of this, you can also see Botox before and after photos.

Make Sure They Are Verified

Choosing a Medical Departures verified clinic is a good option. While it is recommended that you do your own independent research when selecting a Botox provider, we have made things easier by extensively researching and background checking a variety of top clinics. This includes a site visit, checking qualifications, accessing patient feedback, and confirming the clinic's medical license. Ones that meet our high standards are:

Now, recommending 2nd rate clinics is bad for patients, bad for the medical tourism industry, and bad for business. This is why Medical Departures only backs the top Botox clinics in Penang.

Check The Prices

You will want to check Botox costs before taking a trip to Penang. Now, the great thing is that they are likely very affordable compared to what you would have to pay at home. Depending on the area that requires Botox, as well as the quantity needed, prices will vary. The tables below give approximate values of what you would expect to pay.


Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Penang (AUD)

Botox Per Unit



Forehead Treatment



Crows Feet Treatment




Price in New Zealand (NZD)

Price in Penang (NZD)

Botox Per Unit



Forehead Treatment



Crows Feet Treatment



The more treatment you need, the more you will save. By getting other cosmetic or plastic surgery work done at the same time, you can potentially save thousands.

Learn About The Doctors And Cosmetic Professionals

There is a bio section on all our verified clinic pages. Here you can learn more about who would treat you, should you visit that clinic. You will be able to see the medical staffs’ qualifications, years practicing, memberships to medical organizations, and other relevant information.

Get Further Information

If you require more information about the clinics, you can contact them directly through their page on the Medical Departures website or chat directly to a consultant via online messenger. Any questions you have will be fully answered. You can also get a quote or book a consultation.

Hopefully, now you know how to find a great clinic for Botox. Penang has many amazing options, so you're unlikely to be disappointed. Get in touch with one today to take the first step in transforming your appearance.

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